Bye bye boobies?

I am so proud that I have managed to breastfeed Fenny for 16months. Initially I wanted to feed her (if I could) for at least 6 months. When 6 months came I said at least a year. When the year came and went, I didn’t really even notice. I have loved feeding her. The knowledge that you are giving your baby the very best thing, the ability to comfort your baby instantly and the beautiful bond you form are just a few of the amazing things I have enjoyed along the way.

Of course it hasn’t all been a breeze (the accidental biting when drifting off, the scratching, the blocked ducts and the blebs, oh the blebs!) but as a whole I have adored it.

However, the time has come where the accidental nibbling and the tooth scraping are getting too much, and I have also had a nasty bleb and mastitis in the last few weeks. My body needs a break! I have decided to start slowly weaning her, one feed at a time. Here’s how I am doing it:

Cutting out the random feeds:

I started cutting down the random, in-between feeds a few months ago. It was usually at about 4pm when she would try to lift my top up. Distraction worked a treat for this one, so an exciting game or mention of a doggy walking past the window was enough. A few days and she no longer asked for it.

Cutting out the nap time feeds:

This was going to be a little trickier. At the beginning of weaning she was still having a morning nap as well as her afternoon nap half the time. On the days when she woke at 5.30am, there was no way she could make it through to lunchtime. For both naps I was feeding her down (I know, terrible, right!) and letting her sleep on me. She was also waking after 30mins and needing milk to get back to sleep.

This nonsense had to stop, so I started rocking her off instead. This isn’t ideal either, but we will tackle her ability to get herself off to sleep in her cot during the day at another time when she is weaned!

On the first day, the rocking off took about 15mins of wrestling, but she eventually went. I decided that when she woke, that was it – no feeding – nap time was over! She had a few days of only napping for 30mins total all day, and she was really stroppy for a few hours when she didn’t get milk when she woke up, but she got over it. 3 days in and we had completely got rid of all nap time feeds. She no longer expects it when she goes down or wakes up. Yay!

Cutting out the first thing feed.

This was easier than I thought. Instead of bringing her in to bed for a feed first thing before getting up, we turn on the lights and get up for the day as soon as she wakes up. Yes, this sometimes means that we are up at 6am, but it worked a treat.

So where are we now?

We are 2 weeks into weaning and she is now only feeding in the evening before her bedtime routine, and once in the night, at around 4.30am. I think the fact that she is eating more to make up for the milk is helping her sleep better at night. She sometimes wakes at about midnight, but gets herself back off to sleep again. After the night feed, she usually sleeps in for another hour or so, so she is waking a little later now too!

The next step is cutting out the evening feed, and by then, I think my supply will be so reduced, it won’t be worth her while feeding at night. I will keep you posted!


Fenn – 15 months

Today Fenn is 15 months old. She has mastered walking and amazes us every day with her ability to learn. She is a cheeky little minx and such a wonderful companion.

Physical: She is now walking like a pro, climbing up onto the sofa, carefully moving over steps and ledges and turns herself around to lower herself off the bed safely. She learnt this last one pretty quickly after falling off the bed during one of her crazy, roll-around-the-bed-and-throw-yourself-around-like-a-wrestler sessions.

Mental: You can show her something once and she will often copy it straight away. She says ‘mama’ and ‘bye bye’ all the time, often when she wants guests to leave. She makes so many other phonic sounds, but is yet to increase her vocabulary. She understands so much, it is amazing. She can pick out a bear, cat, doggy dog, frog, rabbit, cheeky baabaa (chicken), baabaa sheep, lion, bird, fish, crocodile, tortoise, hippo, whale, elephant, goose, penguin and a few other beasts. She also knows apple, ball, moon, pencil, carrot, house, moon, ice cream, jam, kite, queen, tree and a few more.

Teeth: Fenn has 4 top front and two bottom front teeth. She still likes brushing her teeth, and she had her first trip to the dentist today. The dentist didn’t have too much luck getting inside her mouth, but it gets her used to going from an early age.

Food: She still loves her food. She is a greedy guzzler and will graze all day long, but she adores fruit, peas and beetroot.

She is still breastfed but we are starting to reduce the number of feeds now. She only feeds first thing when she wakes up, occasionally if she has a morning nap, then before bed and once or twice in the night.

Sleep: I feel like we are finally getting somewhere! She goes down like a dream at 7pm ish everynight. She goes down awake and gets herself off to sleep without a fuss (usually). She wakes up at around midnight for a feed, but if she wakes earlier, I go in, give her a cuddle and tell her it is ‘night night time’ and she goes back off to sleep. She will wake again about 4.30 ans then get up for the day at 6.30ish, but I am slowly extending the time between bedtime and 1st feed, with the aim of losing the 4.30am feed in the next few weeks.etween bedtime and 1st feed, with the aim of losing the 4.30am feed in the next few weeks.

We went to see Father Christmas again, and Fenn hasn’t changed her mind about him!

  • Weight 21lbs 9oz.
  • Height: I will measure her today and update later.
  • Teeth: Four top front and two bottom front, perfect for the nipple bite. Ooouuuuch!
  • Loves: Raiding the fridge and tipping blueberries/ Brussels sprouts/ radishes all over the kitchen floor. Waving at planes, busses, diggers etc, books, nursery rhymes on the iPad, Budson, beetroot, satsumas, mince pies and running away giggling when I call her to me.
  • Hates: Broccoli, spinach.

Fenn – 1 year old!

Fenn’s is now 1 year old. Forgive me as I sob quietly… where did our tiny baby go?! To be honest she has always been adorable, but she is such good company now; I love every stage as she develops. 
Physical: Fenn mastered crawling at about 9 months and has been building up her strength and confidence since then. She has always enjoyed standing (with help) since she was a few months old, but she is now starting to go solo. She can manage about 20 seconds on her own, as long as she is distracted. As soon as she realises what she is doing she freaks out and sits down. She is walking really confidently with just one hand being held now, and this morning she took her first steps!! See below..

Her face seems to change every day. She looks so much like her Papa, and her face is starting to lose it’s baby roundness and get a little longer. She still has huge eyes though, and they are currently a khaki green/brown colour. Papa thinks she will have brown eyes and brown hair like him! 

Mental: She is so quick to learn! She knows the meaning of so many words and points to the objects when asked. She knows Mama, Papa, Mimi, Budson (the cat) apple, aeroplane, spider, kettle and tick tock clock. She claps along to ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ and knows exactly when to turn the page in all her books and can point out a picture of an apple when asked. Her favorite book at the moment is her Kiwi Old MacDonald board book. 

Verbal: “mamamamamaaa” all the time. She went through a phase of saying “Papa” and I’m sure she said “book”and “ballball”. The rest of the time is just cute babbling, squealing with delight and giggling. 😁

Teeth: Fenn finally got her first tooth through last week. Not bad going really! She loves having Steve (the tooth) brushed and demands it every time she sees her toothbrush. (Points and says ‘oooooffff, oooooff!’)

Food: She has reached the end of being spoon fed now, and demands to feed herself at every meal. She usually has a small pile of branflakes in milk with blueberries for breakfast, followed by a piece of my bagel with peanut butter on. A 10am snack of 2 baby puff crisps, a couple of apple slices and some raisins. Lunch is now a small sandwich or some kind of bubble and squeak fritters, followed by a biscotti. Afternoon snack is a rusk and some orange pieces and dinner now tends to be whatever we are having, cut up into small pieces. Gone are the purees and the spoon! 

She is also still being fed by me, with a feed first thing (6am), once at 1st nap (8.30am) maybe once at (3-4pm ish) if she wants it and then before bath time at 6.30pm. She also still wakes in the night for a feed/snuggle and although I would love to sleep through, I have no plans to night wean her just yet. I plan to carry on feeding her for at least another 6 months, or until she decided to stop. The feeds are gradually reducing, so it will happen when she is ready.

Sleep: Hmm, Fenny still isn’t a sleeper. After our cry it out attempt she now goes down to sleep at night without any fuss, which is great as we now get a few hours to ourselves. She goes down at 7pm and on a good night will sleep until 6am with only one wake up. A usual night has 2 wake ups (11ish and 3ish) and a bad night… You can imagine. Naps are still only 30 mins long on average, twice a day. 

  • Weight: 20lbs approx.
  • Height: Tall enough to cause trouble and reach everything she isn’t supposed to touch.
  • Teeth: One little stump and two erupting.
  • Loves: Blueberries, waving at planes, waving at anything else, Budson, raisins, eating in general, climbing stairs and crawling off half way through a nappy change.
  • Hates: Sleep, strawberries, tomato and being told ‘No’. 

Cry it out: Night 6

Time put to bed: 18.55

Night 6 crying length: 7 minutes.

1st wake up: 10.45pm -feed #1

2nd wake up: 01.15am. Harlyn went in to soothe her as she was really wound up. She fell straight back to sleep.

Wake up time: 06.00!

Notes: Another great night! 

Cry it out: Night 5

Time put to bed: 18.45

Night 5 crying length: 2 minutes

1st wake up: 21.30. Harlyn went in and soothed her back to sleep. I thought that could be a big mistake, but she stayed asleep for 5 hours!

2nd wake up: 02.30 – feed #1

Wake up time: 05.00.

Notes: I got her back down again until 6.30 am. So she was in bed for nearly 12 hours! Woooo!

Cry it out: Night 4

Daytime naps: 3x naps totalling 1hr 40mins.

Time put to bed: 19.15

Night 4 crying length: 15 minutes.

1st wake up: 11.30 – feed #1.

2nd wake up: 03.30 – feed #2.

Wake up time: 5.00

Notes: Not such a great night last night. Fenn was teething so I think that disturbed her. I tried to get her back down at 6am, but she was having none of it!