Oh god, oh god, oh god…


I have felt a little weird for about a week and a half now, so I did my first test last Wednesday 20th Jan and got what I thought was a negative. ‘Phew… at least I can go out without worrying!’ I thought. However, two days later I still felt weird with huge boobs, so I did another test and I got the faintest of faint pink lines. Eeeeeeeeek!! When I checked back at my first test, I could see a really faint line there too.

Tests each of the following two mornings continued to show the faint pink line, perhaps getting slightly stronger, so I decided to wait another two days before trying again. By this point it was pretty obvious, but I just couldn’t believe it. As you can see in the image above, the line just kept getting darker every two days when I tested, so the Other Half and I decided that if it was really strong this morning, we would get a proper digital test. We are both such realists; we need to see it in writing from someone with authority before we fully believe it is true.

Bring on the Clear Blue test tomorrow morning…


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