5 weeks??


Last night we went out for dinner with my Mum and Stepdad. I decided to take our first progression photo before we went out as it is the only time over the weekend when I would have makeup on! There isn’t much to see yet, but I am so looking forward to seeing how I change shape over the next few months.

I have guessed that I am five weeks at the moment, but until we have been to the doctor, it will be a rough estimate. I made an appointment to see a doctor yesterday, but the first appointment I could get was for the 10th Feb. That is painfully far away!! Until then we will just have to bumble on.

The Other Half said just now that he wished having a baby was quicker. ‘It should be like click and collect!’ he said. Hmmmm, I don’t know how my body would cope going from 0 to full baby in 2 working days. He is so excited about becoming a Daddy.

Oh, and I am sure my mum suspects something…


6 thoughts on “5 weeks??

      1. I’m in Los Angeles! I see you’re in London which I can’t help but be a little jealous of! 🙂 I hope you have a happy & healthy pregnancy, can’t wait to hear more about your journey!


  1. Hi! Congratulations on the pregnancy!
    I found out that I too am expecting my first little one! I took my first test on Jan 27th, and my first appointment for anything is on March 7th. The wait is driving me insane! I am enjoying reading about your experiences! By my estimate, I am about 8 weeks today, which makes us have the same due date! I can’t wait to read more from you and follow your journey. I am only going to start writing about it all on my site after that first appointment, so for now, reading other blogs is helping the time pass.
    I wish you all the best with this pregnancy and I am sure I will be in touch!
    Joanna from Montreal, QC


    1. Hi Joanna. Thank you and congratulations to you too! It does sound like we will have very similar due dates. I love reading about other pregger ladies experiences, and I look forward to reading yours after March 7th. It is amazing how similar and different the anti-natal care is, depending on your country! All the best.x

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