9 weeks pregnant


Today I am 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

There has been a bit of intermittent nausea this week, but only two run for the loo moments. I am still eating everything, all the time, so it is all quite managable at the moment.

It has been quite an uneventful week pregger wise, except that we have now organised to go up and see my Dad, Step Mum, Uncle and tiny Nanny in Yorkshire the day after our 12 week scan. I just hope everything goes OK with the scan and we can tell them all our news!

Oh, and I have slept for about 15 hours today and I could easily climb back into bed again. Zzzzzzzz.

How pregnant: 9 weeks

How feeling: Exhausted.

Any symptoms: Slight nausea. Perpetually knackered.

Any cravings: Tuna… all the time.

Weight gain: Unknown. We have ordered some scales and they arrive on Weds.

Waist measurement: 27″

Maternity clothes: Still loving the elasticated jeggings!

Who knows: Me, the Other Half, my bestie, my Mum and it turns out that my husband told his best friend… before celebrating… A lot.



Obviously I tested about 20 times when we found out we were pregnant. I didn’t believe it and it took a good while to sink in. It was the ClearBlue digital test which actually convinced us though, with a confirmation in writing.

However, since then I have had a weird paranoia that there isn’t actually anything in there and it has all been a big mistake. The doctor didn’t test me and I am 99.9% sure that the midwife didn’t either. I saw her do a test on my urine, but that was a protein test. I kept thinking ‘how far through the system can you get before they work out you aren’t actually pregnant and you are just a bonkers timewaster?’.

I suppose the answer would be the 12 week scan, but that is insane! My husband is convinced that someone must have tested at least one of my fluids, but I am not sure. Perhaps they tested some of the blood I gave?

Anyway, my paranoia got the better of me this evening and I decided to use my last strip test, just to put my mind at rest. Well, the test line turned a dark, blood red even before my pee had reached the control line.

I am very pregnant.


This morning I broke my pregnancy vomit seal. There. I said it. I spewed.

I was doing so well, only feeling queasy two or three times and always managing to keep things controlled. I am however having a hard time brushing my teeth at the moment without retching. I have to employ the type of concentration normally reserved for banana eating to try and not make myself gag when brushing my pearly whites. Alas this morning a lapse in concentration lead to the somewhat explosive revival of my breakfast. Luckily I was in the shower at the time.

It could have been worse.

The cat is out of the bag

This morning we decided to put my Mum out of her misery. No, not a meat tenderiser to the temple, but admitting that her creepy clairvoyant visions of my pregnancy were based on truth.

I lured her to our house with the promise of a cup of tea and when she was sat down, I put the tiny bunny eared hat from my previous post in front of her. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as happy as she was in that moment. She was practically vibrating with joy. It was great to see, not that I could see much through the tears!

I also finished a new hat today, which I am very happy with. It is a crochet cat eared wonder!

8 weeks pregnant


Yesterday we turned 8 weeks pregnant! This is a small milestone for me as this is when the risk of miscarriage reduces quite a lot. According to statistics, the risk drops from as high as 20% in very early pregnancy, to 1.5% at around 8 weeks. Obviously there is still a small chance, but I will take those odds!

I feel like I have lost a bit of weight, even though I have only felt queasy twice and have been eating like a greedy black cat.

The 12 week scan is booked in, as I mentioned in my last post, and we had confirmation of my ‘booking appointment’ yesterday. This is the first big midwife appt when they go through your medical history, weigh you, take your blood pressure and generally enter you into the pregnancy machine. I think I might go on my own to this one as apparently they kick your partner out at one point anyway to ask whether he abuses you and you feel safe.

On another note, my Mum text me tonight saying “I know…”. I played innocent but she bloody knows, the sneaky clairvoyant witch! I have no idea how she knows, but I am hoping to throw her off the scent somehow. I don’t want her to know for another 4 weeks.

I thought I might start keeping track of a few things as follows. It will be interesting to see how these change over time.

How pregnant: 8 weeks

How feeling: Excited and scared.

Any symptoms: Slight nausea. Boobs.   have stopped hurting. Perpetually knackered.

Any cravings: Jacket potatoes, but nothing new there.

Weight gain: None. I don’t own scales, but I am sure I have lost a bit, if anything. I might invest in some.

Waist measurement: 26.5″

Maternity clothes: Not yet, although I have invested in 2 new pairs of elasticated waist jeggings!

Who knows: Me, the Other Half and my bestie.

Our 1st scan is booked!

Today I arrived home from work to find a letter. It is exciting enough to receive any form of post, let alone one from the NHS!

I tore it open and found a letter from our local healthcare trust, informing me that I have my US Obstetric nuchal dating scan on Friday 18th March. That is bang on 12 weeks… or so I think.

I can’t wait until the scan date. I am hoping that seeing the cub will finally make it seem real.

On another note, I have been hiccuping so much over the last few days! I didn’t link it to the cub, until I read that it is quite a common occurance in early pregnancy. I just hope it goes away soon as I sound like a drunkard on the train!

7 weeks

Today I am 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

Please excuse the mismatched socks!

I am still feeling fine and dandy, with the exception of the boob thing. I finally gave in and invested in 3 new sports bras to wear instead of my lovely silky/lacy bras as I find that they can no longer contain the girls. Alas, I already miss my little boobs.

I also had just one evening last week where I felt like utter poop, and just managed to get through the front door before falling into a heap in bed. An hour snooze seemed to sort me out though, and I have felt fine ever since.

There has been one development today however; I seem to have turned into an unstable, emotional wreck. It is my husband’s birthday and I was preparing a special breakfast for him when I knocked the cut fruit all over the floor. It was like the world had ended. I cried ”OOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO” so loud and sobbed so hard that my husband came running downstairs, fearing the worst had happened. He nearly wet himself laughing when he saw me, bent over in the kitchen, sobbing over a few pieces of spilt fruit.

Once I had recovered and we had eaten breakfast, I was quickly scanning Facebook and saw a video of a dog being rescued from an icy lake by firefighters. When they got him back to land, he looked so cold and scared and grateful that I just couldn’t cope. Off I went again.

Then this evening we were watching a film and at one point a little beagle puppy got killed. I. CANT. HANDLE. THIS!!!!