All aboard the Preggo Express!

On Monday my husband and I went to the doctors. This was the first time we have had to say to anyone else that we are up the duff. I found myself getting all giggly and excited; it was good to say it out loud.

The appointment itself lasted all of three minutes, and consisted of the Doctor calculating my due date on a spinny chart (October 1st), and telling me to book in for my first antinatal appointment. It was the most exciting boring event in history.

So, the 1st appointment with the midwife is next Wednesday 10th Feb. I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “All aboard the Preggo Express!

  1. My due date is Oct. 2! How fun to only be one day apart. Although my last pregnancy I had a girlfriend who was due within two days of me and our babies ended up being five weeks apart! (Mine was four weeks early and hers a week late.) Being due so early in the month I wonder if we are really going to end up with October babies or September babies!

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    1. That is great news, we can share our gripes and aches! I think that I will actually be due a bit later once I have the dating scan, as I have really long, irregular cycles, but who knows! I look forward to seeing the comparison between American and UK antinatal care.


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