Hello Midwife!

I have just emerged from my first meeting with the midwife. I was expecting it to be an hour long appointment, but again, that seems to be next time. She took all of our contact details and dates and entered it into the system, then asked me to give a urine sample.

‘Damn it’ i thought, ‘I shouldn’t have squeezed every last drop out before I left the house!’ I am a firm believer in never missing an opportunity to have a wee, especially as my commute is on average 1.5hrs in each direction, and up to 2.5 hours on a bad day! However, it seems to be a pregnant lady superpower to always be able to have ‘just one more quick wee’ and I managed to deliver.

She then took what felt like 3 pints of blood and patched me up with a ball of cotton wool and some surgical tape. That is going to bruise nicely I think. I just have to think about walking into something and I bruise like a peach.

The midwife then suggested I get the flu jab if there were still any available, which surprisingly there were! I’m booked in for that joy next Friday morning.

The good thing about having blood taken though is that I got to have a chocolate digestive biscuit when I got home. Woooo!


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