7 weeks

Today I am 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

Please excuse the mismatched socks!

I am still feeling fine and dandy, with the exception of the boob thing. I finally gave in and invested in 3 new sports bras to wear instead of my lovely silky/lacy bras as I find that they can no longer contain the girls. Alas, I already miss my little boobs.

I also had just one evening last week where I felt like utter poop, and just managed to get through the front door before falling into a heap in bed. An hour snooze seemed to sort me out though, and I have felt fine ever since.

There has been one development today however; I seem to have turned into an unstable, emotional wreck. It is my husband’s birthday and I was preparing a special breakfast for him when I knocked the cut fruit all over the floor. It was like the world had ended. I cried ”OOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO” so loud and sobbed so hard that my husband came running downstairs, fearing the worst had happened. He nearly wet himself laughing when he saw me, bent over in the kitchen, sobbing over a few pieces of spilt fruit.

Once I had recovered and we had eaten breakfast, I was quickly scanning Facebook and saw a video of a dog being rescued from an icy lake by firefighters. When they got him back to land, he looked so cold and scared and grateful that I just couldn’t cope. Off I went again.

Then this evening we were watching a film and at one point a little beagle puppy got killed. I. CANT. HANDLE. THIS!!!!


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