8 weeks pregnant


Yesterday we turned 8 weeks pregnant! This is a small milestone for me as this is when the risk of miscarriage reduces quite a lot. According to statistics, the risk drops from as high as 20% in very early pregnancy, to 1.5% at around 8 weeks. Obviously there is still a small chance, but I will take those odds!

I feel like I have lost a bit of weight, even though I have only felt queasy twice and have been eating like a greedy black cat.

The 12 week scan is booked in, as I mentioned in my last post, and we had confirmation of my ‘booking appointment’ yesterday. This is the first big midwife appt when they go through your medical history, weigh you, take your blood pressure and generally enter you into the pregnancy machine. I think I might go on my own to this one as apparently they kick your partner out at one point anyway to ask whether he abuses you and you feel safe.

On another note, my Mum text me tonight saying “I know…”. I played innocent but she bloody knows, the sneaky clairvoyant witch! I have no idea how she knows, but I am hoping to throw her off the scent somehow. I don’t want her to know for another 4 weeks.

I thought I might start keeping track of a few things as follows. It will be interesting to see how these change over time.

How pregnant: 8 weeks

How feeling: Excited and scared.

Any symptoms: Slight nausea. Boobs.   have stopped hurting. Perpetually knackered.

Any cravings: Jacket potatoes, but nothing new there.

Weight gain: None. I don’t own scales, but I am sure I have lost a bit, if anything. I might invest in some.

Waist measurement: 26.5″

Maternity clothes: Not yet, although I have invested in 2 new pairs of elasticated waist jeggings!

Who knows: Me, the Other Half and my bestie.


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