This morning I broke my pregnancy vomit seal. There. I said it. I spewed.

I was doing so well, only feeling queasy two or three times and always managing to keep things controlled. I am however having a hard time brushing my teeth at the moment without retching. I have to employ the type of concentration normally reserved for banana eating to try and not make myself gag when brushing my pearly whites. Alas this morning a lapse in concentration lead to the somewhat explosive revival of my breakfast. Luckily I was in the shower at the time.

It could have been worse.


2 thoughts on “THAR SHE BLOWS!

  1. Oh no!! I hope it doesn’t happen too often for you. I was feeling so sad for myself today, I’m just so tired of this first trimester and feeling so sick and tired all day. It’s getting to me. We only have about a month and then we should be feeling better, hopefully!


  2. Oh no, I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow. It does seem like a never ending drag of feeling ill and not being able to do anything or say anything. Roll on 12 weeks when things will hopefully settle down! X


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