9 weeks pregnant


Today I am 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

There has been a bit of intermittent nausea this week, but only two run for the loo moments. I am still eating everything, all the time, so it is all quite managable at the moment.

It has been quite an uneventful week pregger wise, except that we have now organised to go up and see my Dad, Step Mum, Uncle and tiny Nanny in Yorkshire the day after our 12 week scan. I just hope everything goes OK with the scan and we can tell them all our news!

Oh, and I have slept for about 15 hours today and I could easily climb back into bed again. Zzzzzzzz.

How pregnant: 9 weeks

How feeling: Exhausted.

Any symptoms: Slight nausea. Perpetually knackered.

Any cravings: Tuna… all the time.

Weight gain: Unknown. We have ordered some scales and they arrive on Weds.

Waist measurement: 27″

Maternity clothes: Still loving the elasticated jeggings!

Who knows: Me, the Other Half, my bestie, my Mum and it turns out that my husband told his best friend… before celebrating… A lot.


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