Oh dear

This morning wasn’t really a winner for me. Firstly I got to revisit my breakfast in such a violent manner, I thought I was going to turn inside out. I had to laugh afterwards though because apparently I sounded like Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama.

Secondly, I was really thirsty on my commute and added to an empty stomach, I didn’t feel great, so I bought a bottle of water at Victoria station. Only problem was, I was feeling so feeble that I couldn’t open it. I struggled for a few minutes before I had to ask a nice man for help.

I felt so pathetic and sick and grateful, I just bust into tears when he opened it for me. I then couldn’t stop sobbing. Crazy pregnant lady.

Luckily the day did get better after that.


13 weeks pregnant


Today I am 13 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

I woke up this morning, had breakfast went for a half hour run, had a shower, ate half an Easter egg and then passed out on the sofa for an hour. Oooooh, it was good! This is what the long Easter bank holiday is all about. Well, that and something about Jesus, but that’s not my thing.

Almost all of my family know now, only my other half’s dad and my uncle to go. I am still determined to keep things off Facebook as I like the idea of surprising my friends by turning up with a bump!

Over the weekend my Mum babysat for my cousin’s baby girl, Emily. She is 6 months old and oh so chunky and squishy. I also changed my first ever nappy, which was actually much less traumatic than I had feared. Emily was kind and laid a solid specimen for me, so not too much to scoop up. She also didn’t cry… I am a pro at this!

How pregnant: 13 weeks

How feeling: Pretty good. I can feel that the bottom of my belly is hard and I am starting to get a tiny bump.

Any symptoms: Only the tiny bump.

Any cravings: Nothing in particular at the moment.

Weight gain: I have lost 2 pounds since last week, so a total gain of 4 pounds.

Waist measurement: 27.5″

Maternity clothes: Now that the bump is coming, I may have to invest.

Who knows: Almost everyone.

Looking forward to: Having a proper little bump.

12 weeks pregnant


Today I am 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Appologies for not updating earlier, but it has been a busy week, buzzing around the country telling my family!

We drove up to my Dad and Stepmother’s house in Yorkshire early on Saturday morning, and presented them with their beer bottles as soon as we arrived. They unwrapped them and said “thank you, we haven’t tried these ones”. When prompted to look again, my dad read through the label, but it still didn’t click. It took my husband holding up the scan photo for them to understand! To be fair though, as my dad said, British craft ales do have such bizarre names that Grandpop’s bonny backend bubblet could easily be genuine.

Anywhoo, they were delighted, as were my Little nanny and uncle when they came for afternoon tea.


We drove home on Sunday and as soon as we got home we told my Big Nan via skype and she was suitably delighted. She even told me that she thought I had put on weight on when she last saw me at Christmas. Thanks Nan, I wasn’t pregnant at Christmas! Charming 🙂

I told my boss and CEO on Wednesday when I got back to work, and they were very happy. I think that maybe they haven’t realised that I will be out of the. business for a whole year…

I want to keep the news from the rest of my colleagues for a bit longer, mainly so that I can still have decent conversations with them about things like current affairs and the Brexit, before every conversation turns to baby goo.

My brother was told when we all went out for a family dinner on Thursday night. I think he was suitably gleeful, in his ‘special’ way. He messaged his wife, and they were both surprised that we had actually decided to get pregnant, and that we had beaten them to it. I always achieve things before my big brother: university degrees, careers, marriage, house purchaces, pregnancy. What can I say: I am clearly the superior human specimen.

How pregnant: 12 weeks

How feeling: Bright eyed and bushy tailed. The exhaustion has evaporated and I seem to have stopped retching. Touch wood.

Any symptoms: Nothing. Feeling great!

Any cravings: Nope. Just all the food. In my mouth. All the time.

Weight gain: About 3lbs. I am feeling enormous, but I have started jogging at an incline again to try and manage the podge.

Waist measurement: 28″

Maternity clothes: Nope, although I am keeping my eyes peeled.

Who knows: Almost everyone, although I want to keep it off Facebook.

Looking forward to: Reaching the 2nd trimester on Saturday at 13 weeks!

12 week scan

This morning we went for our dating scan at the hospital. I didn’t realise how worried I was until we were sitting in the waiting room… What if there isn’t anything in there? What if it doesn’t have a head? What if it is ectopic? WHAT IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE??

Luckily, my mind was put to rest almost immediately, when we saw the singular, little wriggly bean in all its glory!


Fully formed and jiggling all over the place, the sonographer chased it around for a while until it behaved itself. It is measuring only 1 day behind, which is great as I thought I would be about 4 days behind. The nuchal mmt was also a nice low 1.6mm, so hopefully the blood tests will come back low risk. We will get a call by wednesday if we are classed as high risk, so hopefully the phone wont ring!

I finally feel confident to start telling people now. We are off to my dad’s tomorrow and plan to give them a few beers that we ‘picked up’ and thought they probably haven’t tried before.


They live in Yorkshire, so if you don’t speaky the yarkshur, the blue one translates as ‘Grandpop’s beautiful Autumn baby’, and the pink: ‘Little grandbaby on the way’.

I hope they like them!

11 weeks pregnant


Oh I was ever so sure that I was going to escape relatively unscathed by morning sickness. I was so convinced.

I had the odd moment of nausea up until last Monday, and the closer I crept to 12 weeks, the smugger I got.

However, at 10 weeks 3 days the NVP arrived.

I find myself having to eat a biscuit whilst still laying down in bed, then eating breakfast within a few minutes of getting up, or it will strike. Saying that, the nausea arrives whenever it likes. I had to be (very quietly) sick twice at work on Tuesday, which was lovely.

Yesterday at 11+1 I actually felt fine and full of energy for the first time in months! I hoped that maybe I had reached the point of feeling better! But then I have been retching about every hour today. I really can’t wait for this stage to be over.

We do have our 1st scan on Friday morning though! I can’t wait to see if there is actually anything in there!

How pregnant: 11 weeks 2 days

How feeling: Bright eyed and bushy tailed… with a very sensitive gag reflex.

Any symptoms: Retching all the time.

Any cravings: Nothing in particular this week.

Weight gain: Zero.

Waist measurement: 27″ I think I was carrying a food baby last week!

Maternity clothes: Nothing yet.

Who knows: My assistant at work. The poor girl was very confused and concerned about all the retching.

10 weeks pregnant


Today I am ten weeks and 2 days pregnant.

I have been feeling pretty knackered most of the time this week, with only the odd bit of nausea, but compared to a lot of others, I have it very easy!

The most exciting news of the week is that my ‘baby on board’ badge has arrived! In theory it should make it easier for other commuters to see that I am pregnant, and might need a seat. We will see just how inventive business men get whilst trying to pretend they haven’t seen me standing in the aisles.

I also bought my first bits for the cub whilst out with my mum on Friday. Most of it was in the sale, so woooo!

How pregnant: 10 weeks

How feeling: Exhausted.

Any symptoms: Occasional nausea. Exhausted.

Any cravings: Crumpets with butter and marmite.

Weight gain: Zero. The scales arrived and I weigh less than expected.

Waist measurement: 27.5″

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, although I have ordered a great shirt that I can wear as a casual jacket all the way thtough.

Who knows: No one new.

It’s Foetus Friday!!

Today I am 10 weeks pregnant, and at a stage where everyone seems to agree that our tiny embryo has become a tiny foetus. I feel like wearing a party hat to celebrate!

Some midwifery agencies state that this occurs at about 9 weeks, and some at 10. There does seem to be a lot of confusion within the medical world about a) exactly when the embryo becomes a foetus and b) how long the 1st trimester is. I have heard that it is 12 weeks and 13 weeks.

Yesterday I had my booking in appointment with the midwife, which lasted an hour and a half and was very indepth. I am now officially in the system and recorded as being preggers.

It all seemed to go well, with most of my blood tests coming back within normal range, but apparently they hadn’t been able to test my blood type and rhesus type because the tube wasn’t correctly labelled. This was no major problem; all I had to do was give a bit more blood for a retest. That is where the fun began…

I have tiny, rubbish veins apparently, but the student midwife located what she thought was a vein and went in for the kill. No, it was a tendon. Oouuuucccchhh! The midwife then took over and had a go in each arm, before giving up and checking the back of my hands. No luck there either. They had to admit defeat and send me to the lab to let the ‘Phleboes’ have a go.

Luckily I only had to wait for 2 minutes to be called in to see a lovely German lady in a very vintage looking uniform. She found a vein straight away and I was out again in minutes. I did wonder though, whether people set out to become a phlebotomist, or it is something you fall into when you find out you are very good at getting blood out of people at nursing college?

Right, I am off to Brighton with my Mum today to give her an early Mother’s day treat. I have booked to have afternoon tea in the hotel in which my husband and I held our wedding breakfast 5 years ago, on another beautiful sunny day by the sea. We may also look in some baby shops.

A final thought. Did the same scientist who discovered the rhesus positive and negative proteins on red blood cells also discover the and name the Rhesus macaque? Whenever anyone mentions rhesus, all I see are dancing monkeys…