10 weeks pregnant


Today I am ten weeks and 2 days pregnant.

I have been feeling pretty knackered most of the time this week, with only the odd bit of nausea, but compared to a lot of others, I have it very easy!

The most exciting news of the week is that my ‘baby on board’ badge has arrived! In theory it should make it easier for other commuters to see that I am pregnant, and might need a seat. We will see just how inventive business men get whilst trying to pretend they haven’t seen me standing in the aisles.

I also bought my first bits for the cub whilst out with my mum on Friday. Most of it was in the sale, so woooo!

How pregnant: 10 weeks

How feeling: Exhausted.

Any symptoms: Occasional nausea. Exhausted.

Any cravings: Crumpets with butter and marmite.

Weight gain: Zero. The scales arrived and I weigh less than expected.

Waist measurement: 27.5″

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, although I have ordered a great shirt that I can wear as a casual jacket all the way thtough.

Who knows: No one new.


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