11 weeks pregnant


Oh I was ever so sure that I was going to escape relatively unscathed by morning sickness. I was so convinced.

I had the odd moment of nausea up until last Monday, and the closer I crept to 12 weeks, the smugger I got.

However, at 10 weeks 3 days the NVP arrived.

I find myself having to eat a biscuit whilst still laying down in bed, then eating breakfast within a few minutes of getting up, or it will strike. Saying that, the nausea arrives whenever it likes. I had to be (very quietly) sick twice at work on Tuesday, which was lovely.

Yesterday at 11+1 I actually felt fine and full of energy for the first time in months! I hoped that maybe I had reached the point of feeling better! But then I have been retching about every hour today. I really can’t wait for this stage to be over.

We do have our 1st scan on Friday morning though! I can’t wait to see if there is actually anything in there!

How pregnant: 11 weeks 2 days

How feeling: Bright eyed and bushy tailed… with a very sensitive gag reflex.

Any symptoms: Retching all the time.

Any cravings: Nothing in particular this week.

Weight gain: Zero.

Waist measurement: 27″ I think I was carrying a food baby last week!

Maternity clothes: Nothing yet.

Who knows: My assistant at work. The poor girl was very confused and concerned about all the retching.


2 thoughts on “11 weeks pregnant

  1. The timing of our pregnancies and appointments is so crazy! I have my first ultrasound on Friday too and I will be about 11 weeks and 6 days (they think I am further along though, we’ll know on Friday). I had been doing alright with the morning sickness. I was constantly nauseous but was always able to keep food down… until last night. I can’t cook dinner without being sick now- it’s terrible. I hope you start feeling better soon! Can’t wait to hear about your first scan! 🙂


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