13 weeks pregnant


Today I am 13 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

I woke up this morning, had breakfast went for a half hour run, had a shower, ate half an Easter egg and then passed out on the sofa for an hour. Oooooh, it was good! This is what the long Easter bank holiday is all about. Well, that and something about Jesus, but that’s not my thing.

Almost all of my family know now, only my other half’s dad and my uncle to go. I am still determined to keep things off Facebook as I like the idea of surprising my friends by turning up with a bump!

Over the weekend my Mum babysat for my cousin’s baby girl, Emily. She is 6 months old and oh so chunky and squishy. I also changed my first ever nappy, which was actually much less traumatic than I had feared. Emily was kind and laid a solid specimen for me, so not too much to scoop up. She also didn’t cry… I am a pro at this!

How pregnant: 13 weeks

How feeling: Pretty good. I can feel that the bottom of my belly is hard and I am starting to get a tiny bump.

Any symptoms: Only the tiny bump.

Any cravings: Nothing in particular at the moment.

Weight gain: I have lost 2 pounds since last week, so a total gain of 4 pounds.

Waist measurement: 27.5″

Maternity clothes: Now that the bump is coming, I may have to invest.

Who knows: Almost everyone.

Looking forward to: Having a proper little bump.


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