17 weeks pregnant


Today we are 17 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

On Wednesday we went for our 16 week check with the midwife. It all went well and as I hoped, we finally got to hear our baby’s heartbeat! It was so exciting. The midwife also had a feel of my belly, and told me to expect to start feeling movements in the next few weeks. I won’t see her again until week 25 now, but that time will fly by.

I am feeling a lot better in general this week, although I am still throwing up once or twice a day. Sometimes it is so forceful that I struggle to breath. It is horrible.

Exciting news at work this week too. My maternity leave has been scheduled into the critical path (the big, scary looking production plan) and I have 19 weeks left, but only 15 more Mondays! Woooooo!

How pregnant: 17 weeks

How feeling: More lively, but the sickness is still here.

Any symptoms: Still the sickness.

Any cravings: Cucumbers.

Weight gain: 6lbs up from starting weight.

Waist measurement: 29″

Bump measurement: 36″

Maternity clothes: I need to get myself a few more pairs of black maternity jeans.

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: My bump growing and starting to feel punches and kicks from the inside.


16 weeks pregnant


Today I am 16 weeks or 4 months pregnant!

It has been a mixed bag this week. I have had good days and some truly terrible days, but I think I am slowly coming out of the dreaded sickness. I hope!

Today we went to a baby and toddler show at Sandown racecourse. This is really not our usual cup of tea, but we were told there are usually great discounts available and a chance to try lots of different brands and types of products all in one place.

Well it was about as bad as we thought it would be. Busy, full of gormless zombies and pushy salespeople. Endless varieties of useless and superfluous crap in every shade of cutesy baby pink and blue, enormous, vulgar cots and pushchairs with infinite, ridiculous add ons.

However, it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I spoke to a lady about baby slings which look like a great idea. We also saw some cute little reusable nappies and a travel system which wasn’t too massive and looked good too.

We have a bit of research to do!

How pregnant: 16 weeks

How feeling: Generally OK, with the occasional bout of violent sickness. A few headaches.

Any symptoms: I have a bump!

Any cravings: Chips… All the time.

Weight gain: I weighed myself yesterday and I was only 4lbs up from my starting weight.

Waist measurement: 28.5″

Bump measurement: 35″

Maternity clothes: Yes! I returned the weird maternity jeans and changed them for some lovely skinny black ones. You can see them in the photo above. The jersey bump band is so comfy.

Who knows: All the family.

Looking forward to: My 16 week appointment with the midwife on Wednesday.

15 weeks pregnant


Today I am 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

I don’t look very impressed in my photo because I had just got up and felt knackered. However, I am filling out through the belly! Other people are starting to notice my bump now too, especially in the evenings.

This week has been really bad for NVP. I have still been retching every morning, but I have also had a headache for days on end, with sickness all through the day. In addition, I have been bringing my dinner back up most evenings. I am sick of being sick.

However, I wasn’t sick at all yesterday. I don’t know whether it is because I can eat at better times on the weekend… or if the sickness is easing off. I really hope it is coming to an end.

How pregnant: 15 weeks

How feeling: Sick as a dog.

Any symptoms: Getting thicker through the body.

Any cravings: A real aversion to tomato juice!

Weight gain: Maintained since last week.

Waist measurement: 29″

At my Nan’s request, bump measurement: 35″

Maternity clothes: Nothing new.

Who knows: The whole family, except a few stragglers.

Looking forward to: My 16 week midwife appointment next Wednesday.

14 weeks pregnant


Today I am 14 weeks and one day pregnant. I am now officially im my second trimester.

I imagined I would have a bump by now, but at least I feel like I am starting to thickening up through the waist. In the mornings the bump is still quite hideable, but by the evening all of the days bloating really starts to show.

One exciting thing thay happened last week was receiving our blood screening results back from the hospital. We decided to have every screening available, and so we got the results for Down’s, Patau’s and Edward’s syndromes. Thankfully all were low risk, in the one in tens of thousands range, so that is good enough for me.

I also decided to tell the remainder of my colleagues on Wednesday. All were very happy and excited for me, however as feared, every conversation is now pregnancy or birth related.

Oh, and I decided to go and look at some maternity clothes. They are all terrible. The jeans I tried were weird and in no way flattering or comfortable, so I hope I can avoid those! I came home with 2 plain t shirts though, so it is a start.

How pregnant: 14 weeks

How feeling: Generally good, with the exception of the return of the violent vomiting. 7.20am every day I have to dash to the loo. This is the case whether I have eaten breakfast or not. The morning sickness Gods demand a sacrifice each and every morning, and don’t care if it is fruit, museli, crumpets or just bile. Nice.

Any symptoms: Copious amount of vomit. Whoever said that by the 2nd trimester things will have settled down is a liar.

Any cravings: Virgin Mary cocktails! I started thinking about one on Friday morning and I had to send my Other half to find Tobasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce on his way home, while I found the tomato juice and black peppercorns. I had to add about 5 times the suggested quantity of the two condiments to achieve the taste I was after, but Oh My… It was spicy amazing! I can see me drinking one of these everyday. I just need to find a reduced salt tomate juice and we are peachy!

Weight gain: I have put back on the 2lbs I lost last week.

Waist measurement: 28″

Maternity clothes: 2 new t shirts.

Who knows: Almost everyone.

Looking forward to: Not being sick anymore.