15 weeks pregnant


Today I am 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

I don’t look very impressed in my photo because I had just got up and felt knackered. However, I am filling out through the belly! Other people are starting to notice my bump now too, especially in the evenings.

This week has been really bad for NVP. I have still been retching every morning, but I have also had a headache for days on end, with sickness all through the day. In addition, I have been bringing my dinner back up most evenings. I am sick of being sick.

However, I wasn’t sick at all yesterday. I don’t know whether it is because I can eat at better times on the weekend… or if the sickness is easing off. I really hope it is coming to an end.

How pregnant: 15 weeks

How feeling: Sick as a dog.

Any symptoms: Getting thicker through the body.

Any cravings: A real aversion to tomato juice!

Weight gain: Maintained since last week.

Waist measurement: 29″

At my Nan’s request, bump measurement: 35″

Maternity clothes: Nothing new.

Who knows: The whole family, except a few stragglers.

Looking forward to: My 16 week midwife appointment next Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “15 weeks pregnant

  1. Headaches are my least favorite symptom with both my pregnancies now. I get them constantly for a couple days at a time and they’re horrible! And what a mean trick for you to start feeling so sick when most women start feeling relief, hope it’s not too long before you feel like yourself again!

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    1. Thank you. I know, everyone keeps saying “oh, you will start to feel better next week” but they have been saying that since week 11. It always seems to be a week away!


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