22 weeks pregnant


Today we are 22 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

Last Sunday we had my OH’s Aunty and Uncle over for lunch. They had no idea that we were expecting and were absolutely over the moon. They will be able to come and spend time with the baby as often as they like, and an added bonus is the fact that Aunty H used to be a Plunket nurse!

We have had a few extra days off over this bank holiday weekend, so on Thursday we went to Ikea to buy the cot! We finally got around to moving my studio from the small room, into the other spare bedroom, which left the small room empty and perfect for a nursery. It is already decorated in a pale grey, so we didn’t even need to get the paint brushes out. Wooo.


I love the cot as it lifts and lowers, and the side comes off to make it a little kiddie bed. It should be a good few years before it is outgrown. We also got a super cool tiger rug by Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck. It adds a splash of colour to the room and I love it!

On Friday I went through all of the clothes we have for the cub and put them away in the drawers. We have luckily been given about 90% of the clothes for when the cub is small, so that has saved us a fortune on stuff that is just going to get covered in puke, poop and milk anyway. I have also started to think about what to take to the hospital and started laying some bits out:


I am hoping that the cub fits into the little whale outfit. If it goes straight into the sausage dog babygrow, I will have major problems!

How pregnant: 22 weeks.

How feeling: Still feeling great.

Any symptoms: We have a kickboxer in training.

Any cravings: Still loving shreddies!

Weight gain: Up 9lbs from starting weight.

Waist measurement: 31.5″.

Bump measurement: 37.5″. Feeling huge and my belly button is almost flat! Eeeek!

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, but I have given up on wearing my normal wired bras now. Sports bras all the way.

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: Making a few bits for the nursery and finishing off the big bits.


21 weeks pregnant



Today we are 21 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

Not much to report this week, except that I finally feel good again! No more sickness, vomiting or back pain. Wooo!

The cub has been very active, especially at about 11am and then 6- 10pm.

How pregnant: 21 weeks.

How feeling: Great!

Any symptoms: Karate kicks in my uterus.

Any cravings: I can’t seem to eat enough Shreddies. I want them all the time.

Weight gain: Exactly half a stone from my starting weight.

Waist measurement: 31″ – no change.

Bump measurement: 37″. Half an inch less than last week, but I look much bigger!

Maternity clothes: I wore my new ASOS maternity tights one day, and it was not good. They are too short in the leg, too big on the waist and I’m too small in the bump, so they kept falling down! When I was walking home along a busy A road, the situation became critical, with the waistband sitting at the widest part of my hips, threatening to slip down at any whisper of wind (either kind). I had to grip them desperately through my skirt and do an akward shuffle until I got to a quiet road and I could heave them up. Not pretty.

Who knows: Everyone- but possibly not my OH’s aunty and uncle.

Looking forward to: Telling them when they come for lunch today.

20 weeks pregnant


Today we are 20 weeks pregnant exactly. I cannot believe that we are half way through the pregnancy already! The first 12 weeks seemed to drag, but the last 8 weeks have whizzed past in a haze of vomit!

About an hour after I wrote the 19 week post last week, I thought I was going into renal failure. I was in absolute agony again, with what felt like my right kidney exploding. I was home alone so I phoned my Mum (who lucky only lives 10 mins away) to let her know that I might pass out and to maybe check on me in a bit. She rushed straight over to take me to the local A&E walk in centre, and we spent 2 hours on the hottest day of the year so far, sitting in the hospital waiting room. Eventually I saw a doctor who tested my urine sample and said that I still had a urinary tract infection, but that the pain was just muscular. He prescribed another, more specific round of antibiotics and told me to take paracetamol for the pain. Yeah, I thought. As if paracetamol is going to make a dent.

Anyway, I am having to wake up at half midnight every night to take a tablet, which sucks. The back spasms are continuing, but easing off. I read somewhere that breaststroke is one of the worst things you can do if you are having pregnancy back pain. Ooops, no more swimming for me then, or front crawl all the way.

On a happier note, yesterday we went for our 20 week anomaly scan at the hospital. I think that we were both a little nervous, but we need not have been. The baby was really active, but in a way that made the sonographer’s job easy, and all of the measurements were right on track. The baby has every organ and bone that it should, and the placenta is at the back and really far from the cervix, which is great news.


The scan could not have gone any better, and the cub has been wriggling and jiggling away happily. I felt the first kick on Monday, and now I feel it all the time.

We now feel confident enough to buy all of the big bits and bobs and get properly organised.

How pregnant: 20 weeks or half way!

How feeling: Really good, with the exception of the back spasms.

Any symptoms: Tiny punches and kicks from the inside.

Any cravings: Nothing in particular. I could happily eat chips with every meal if I could, though.

Weight gain: 8lbs up from starting weight. This puts me slap-bang in the middle of the weight gain chart, so that is good.

Waist measurement: 31″

Bump measurement: 37.5″

Maternity clothes: A few new pieces from ASOS.

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: Ordering our Finnish Baby Box!

19 weeks pregnant


Today we are 19 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

My kidney infection cleared up nicely and I am now off the antibiotics, which is great as they were the size of horse tablets. Also, the sickness that I hoped had started to go away returned with full force at the start of last week… I hit a new record of puking 5 times in 1 day! Wooo.

Having said that, the nausea does seem to be easing off a bit now, so hopefully it will fizzle out soon. I few people have even said I look good; one person even said ‘glowing’. I think the pregnancy glow may be just returning to looking normal and healthy after weeks of looking grey and haggard.

Still no movements that I can pin down as being the cub. There are always ‘wind or cub’ moments, but I can never be sure. We will find out the location of the placenta on Friday at the scan, so that will tell me how much I should be feeling.

How pregnant: 19 weeks

How feeling: Almost back to normal.

Any symptoms: Sickness and vomit.

Any cravings: Nope.

Weight gain: About 7lbs up from starting weight.

Waist measurement: 30″

Bump measurement: 35″ I seem to have shrunk a little.

Maternity clothes: A few great new pieces, including a leopard print dress which makes me look really pregnant!

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: Our scan is on Friday morning! Eeeek! We can’t wait to see the cub again.

18 weeks pregnant


Today we are 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I feel as if my belly has really grown this week. Everyone at work commented that my belly has now popped out, and I can no longer pull in my abs and look normal. I quickly measured my waist at work on Thursday and I had grown an inch and a half in 4 days!

On Sunday night I woke up in exquisite pain in my right flank. At first I thought I had trapped a nerve as we had finally brought the excersise ball into the living room for me to sit on instead of the sofa, to try and relieve my abdominal cramps. I had been rolling around on it and stretching my spine out, so I thought that maybe I had done myself a mischief.

However, the pain kept pulsing in waves, almost like contractions, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t relieve the pain. It felt like I was being stabbed in the kidney and I was climbing the walls in distress. If it had carried on for more than the 15 mins in lasted, we were going to have to go to A&E. Luckily, the pain subsided and I managed to get back to sleep.

My kidney ached the following day so I decided to get an appointment to see a doctor. Having experienced full blown kidney infections before, I didn’t want to get to that stage again, especially now that my pain relief options are limited. I took along a urine sample and I had 3 out of 3 triggers for a kidney infection. Yay. A week of antibiotics for me.

How pregnant: 18 weeks

How feeling: Generally much better. Apart from the kidney infection, I haven’t been sick since Thursday morning. Wooo!

Any symptoms: A growing bump.

Any cravings: Nope.

Weight gain: 6lbs up from starting weight. No change.

Waist measurement: 30.5″

Bump measurement: 37″

Maternity clothes: Nothing new.

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: Our 20 week scan in a few weeks.