19 weeks pregnant


Today we are 19 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

My kidney infection cleared up nicely and I am now off the antibiotics, which is great as they were the size of horse tablets. Also, the sickness that I hoped had started to go away returned with full force at the start of last week… I hit a new record of puking 5 times in 1 day! Wooo.

Having said that, the nausea does seem to be easing off a bit now, so hopefully it will fizzle out soon. I few people have even said I look good; one person even said ‘glowing’. I think the pregnancy glow may be just returning to looking normal and healthy after weeks of looking grey and haggard.

Still no movements that I can pin down as being the cub. There are always ‘wind or cub’ moments, but I can never be sure. We will find out the location of the placenta on Friday at the scan, so that will tell me how much I should be feeling.

How pregnant: 19 weeks

How feeling: Almost back to normal.

Any symptoms: Sickness and vomit.

Any cravings: Nope.

Weight gain: About 7lbs up from starting weight.

Waist measurement: 30″

Bump measurement: 35″ I seem to have shrunk a little.

Maternity clothes: A few great new pieces, including a leopard print dress which makes me look really pregnant!

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: Our scan is on Friday morning! Eeeek! We can’t wait to see the cub again.


3 thoughts on “19 weeks pregnant

      1. Ohh that’s very exciting! We were thinking of doing that but then I got curious! And with baby #2, “it” was staring us in the face so we kinda knew! 😛 All the best!


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