23 weeks pregnant


Today we are 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

For some reason it was a struggle to fit blog writing in over the last weekend, so sorry for the delay everyone. We had to take this photo on the way out the front door before work this morning, hence the actual normal clothes and make up!

The cub has been very active this week, kicking and punching on the two opposite sides of my bump at the same time. It is a reminder of how big it is getting… In my head it is still the size of an egg, but it is over 30cm long now. One morning last week it did a complete flip over. It was feet up, but then it slowly and really weirdly turned to be head up. We could even make out where the head was! It felt a bit like G force on your insides when you are on a steep rollercoaster. I wouldn’t say it was pleasant.

I think we have made a decision on which pram to get too, so hopefully we can get that ordered in the next few weeks. Right, I’m off to enjoy the sunshine. Woooo!

How pregnant: 23 weeks.

How feeling: Still feeling great. Hot, but great.

Any symptoms: Trials for Cirque du Soleil in my womb.

Any cravings: Still loving shreddies, and fresh berries. Mmmm.

Weight gain: Up 10-11bs from starting weight. Getting heavy now! :s

Waist measurement: 32″

Bump measurement: 37″.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, but I am digging out all of my ‘real clothes’ that I can still wear. The skirt and top above are both not maternity, but stretchy/ roomy enough to fit over the bump.

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: 25 week midwife appt next Wednesday. They will start to measure my fundal height to determine if the baby is growing at the right speed.


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