29 weeks pregnant

Today we are 29 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

I have had the week off this week and it has been lovely! I ordered the rest of the bits and bobs for my hospital bag and a new pregger swimming costume, which is actually quite nice! I can start going to aquafit when I am on maternity leave, wooo! I also got taken for lunch by my Mum, which was really nice.

On Friday it was our 5 year wedding anniversary, but my OH unfortunately had to work. So on Tuesday we decided to take a day trip to Brighton (where we got married) to celebrate and enjoy the sun. It was a great day and we had an amazing lunch at the North Laine Brewhouse. I had the biggest strip of babyback ribs the world has ever seen and I ate all of it! Plus fries and slaw. I feel no shame. At all.

It was really strange thinking that the next time we go there, we will have a cub. 

On Wednesday we had our 28 week appointment with the midwife. It all went really well; my BP is fine, all of my blood tests came back in a good range and the babies heartbeat was strong. The midwife also measured my fundal height, which when plotted on the chart, sat in the 75th percentile. She said that I look quite big because I have a short body and i’m quite small. 

How pregnant: 29 weeks.

How feeling: Pretty good, but a week of no working or commuting would do that.

Any symptoms: Massive amounts of movement from the cub. 

Any cravings: Nothing in particular.

Weight gain: No change from last week, still a stone up from starting weight.

Waist measurement: 34.5″

Bump measurement: 38″ An inch and a half bigger thsn last week!

Maternity clothes: My lovely new swimming costume.

Belly button: Borderline outie. Still.

Looking forward to: Only two weeks left at work! I had it confirmed by my boss that my maternity leave will begin on the 22nd August, after I use up three weeks of annual leave. This is getting quite real now! 


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