31 weeks pregnant

Today we are 31 weeks pregnant.

I have finished work now and I am so, so happy! I have 3 weeks worth of annual leave to use up, and then I start my maternity leave on the 22nd August at 34 weeks. I originally planned to work until 38 weeks, but work issues have led me to leave as soon as possible (see my previous posts for the full story).

Having finished work, it is now starting to feel like the final countdown. Everything I read is now saying ‘in the final few weeks’ and ‘now that you are nearing birth’, so I feel like I should start putting my hospital bag together. 

I have read a lot of different lists, some better and less ridiculous than others. I have thought about what will work for me, and come up with the following selections. I may still tweak the contents slightly over the next few weeks, but this is probably what I will be taking, with the assumption that I will stay in for one night:

For me:

  • Maternity notes and birth plan.
  • The Good Birth Companion by Nicole Croft. I cannot recommend this highly enough!
  • Snacks, drinks with straws and fruit (I will grab this on the day).
  • A vest top to give birth in.
  • A sports bra (possibly for birth if I get my water birth).
  • Warm socks.
  • Breast pads.
  • Hairbands and pins.
  • Phone charger.
  • Change for carpark.
  • Slippers.
  • Pyjamas.
  • Massive, granny style brief knickers that come up to my armpits.
  • Massive sanitary pads to go in said knickers.
  • An old towel.
  • A change of clothes.
  • A bag for dirty clothes.
  • A scarf that smells of me and home that I can hide under on the ward to get some privacy (if I can’t get a private room).


  • Industrial strength face moisturiser for my stupidly dry skin.
  • Deodorant.
  • Belly butter.
  • Face scrub (microbead free!) for my stupidly dry face.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Dry shampoo. I hate washing my hair and don’t plan to to it in hospital if I can help it.
  • Shampoo and conditioner for if it is unavoidable.
  • Face powder and tinted lipgloss as my bare minimum make up bag.
  • Micellar water to cleanse my face. and cool me down in labour.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Lip balm as apparently you get really dry lips during labour.
  • Cotton wool pads.
  • Nipple cream for breastfeeding.
  • Body moisturiser in trial size sachets.

For the cub:

  • Cotton wool for cleaning.
  • Biodegradable nappy bags.
  • 2 x body suits.
  • Coming home outfit.
  • 3 x pairs of socks.
  • 2 x pairs of mittens.
  • 2 x hats.
  • Nappy barrier cream.
  • 1 x bib.
  • Eco babywipes for extreme poosplosions (Don’t worry, they won’t be flushed).
  • A little fluffy bunny rattle toy.
  • 2 x cellular blankets.
  • 1 x pack of biodegradable newborn nappies. I will use reusable nappies at home, but I can’t collect used nappies under the bed whilst in hospital, so needs must.
  • 4 x small and 1 x giant muslin.
  • Car seat, but this will stay in the car.

I’m sure there are bits I have missed. Let me know if you spot anything obvious! 

How pregnant: 31 weeks.

How feeling: Still feeling good. Starting to get more cramps and braxton hicks. Also more muscle aches, especially the bloody annoying ribcage aches.

Any symptoms: Cub rolling around a lot.

Any cravings: Still nothing of note!

Weight gain: Still static at 1 stone up from starting weight.

Waist measurement: 36″.

Bump measurement: 39.5″. An inch and a half bigger than last week!

Maternity clothes: Nothing new. I finally get to try out my new smimming costume on Wednesday! 

Belly button: Outie.

Looking forward to: Getting everything sorted now that I am a lady of leisure! 


10 thoughts on “31 weeks pregnant

  1. I’ve been showing Little Nanny and Uncle Monkey your blog, Uncle Monkey’s could only manage ‘Oi fatty, who ate all the pies’… he will be suitably punished! Little Nanny thinks you look quite well and is looking forward to not being the smallest person in the family (for a while)!

    I think you look blimmen’ awesome and am very, very excited – we’ve been shopping 😀


    1. Thanks DD! To be fair to Stephen, I did eat half a massive chicken pie for lunch, so maybe he was just psychic? Little nanny will have approx siz months of being the smallest before she is outgrown. Ooooh, shopping!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looking great Aimee! Been stalking your blog for a while now haha! Have you got a wheatbag or hot water bottle to take with you? Good for the back during labour and also the after birth pains in your tummy. Or your hospital may even have some 🙂
    Will keep checking back for the rest of the journey X

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Recovered well, it’s been hard work juggling 2 kids, but I think we have a bit of a routine down now. Enjoy your maternity leave! X

        Liked by 1 person

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