33 weeks pregnant

Today we are 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant. 

I have been off again this week, and it has been filled with yoga, aqua aerobics, walks, naps and general relaxation. Lovely! 

We had our second NCT class yesterday, which was dedicated to breast feeding. We learnt a lot, and I think both the OH and I feel a bit more confident about it now. We are under no illusions that it will be easy, but at least we have a few tricks up our sleeves now. We all went out for lunch afterwards and got on really well, so I am hopeful that we will stay in contact once the cubs arrive.

How pregnant: 33 weeks.

How feeling: The rib ache continues. I can’t wait to not have to deal with this any more! Only 7 more weeks ish. The bump is feeling really heavy now; the cub weighs about 4.5lbs now and it is a struggle to turn over in bed. I need one of those slings they use to move whales and dolphins between tanks. 

Any symptoms: The cub has been very active again, but the hiccups are really consistant now. 2-3 times a day it will have a little bout of the hiccups. It is a good sign that it is exercising its chest muscles and getting ready to use its lungs to screech at us!

Any cravings: Anything naughty and highly calorific. 

Weight gain: Up 1 stone 3lbs from starting weight. 1lb up from last week. 

Waist measurement: 35.5″. No change.

Bump measurement: 39.5″. No change.

Maternity clothes: I am going to try not to buy anything else now. It may be only a few more weeks of pregnancy… worst case 9 weeks. I can cope until then with just a few outfits.

Belly button: Outie. No stretchmarks yet. I am using a combination of Palmers Belly Butter and coconut oil. Fingers crossed!

Looking forward to: A quick trip to Devon next week with my Mum to visit my Nan. I will take a basic hospital bag and my notes, just in case. However, if I feel weird or twingy at any time, we will head back home. 


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