37 weeks pregnant

Looking warm and shiny as I had just got out of the bath.

Today we are 37 weeks and one day pregnant. 

A quiet week in preggerland this week. I was absolutely knackered after the baby shower last week and it took me until Wednesday to feel back to normal again. A few days of watching films and crappy telly in bed was just what I needed!

On Wednesday I had my 36 week check with the midwife, and all is on track. The bump is growing to the chart and my BP and the baby’s heartbeat are fine. Next check up will be at 38 weeks.

In exciting news, the first two of our NCT group babies have arrived! The first came 3 days after her due date and the other came this morning, 16 days early! Eeeek! It is getting very real now! 

How pregnant: 37 weeks.

How feeling: Having a few mild cramps and quite a bit of back ache. I think that the baby has engaged further and so the pressure has increased. I’m having a lot of hot baths!

Any signs of labour? Not sure. The cramps and back ache could be a sign, or it could be wind! 🙂 UPDATE- they were early labour!

Any cravings: Ice water… And crunching the ice cubes is good!

Weight gain: Up 1 stone 8lbs from start weight. 10 stone exactly… Eeeek! Fatty boom boom. 

Waist measurement: 36.5″.

Bump measurement: 42″. 1.5 up on last week! 

Belly button: Outie. Still very lucky on the stretchmark front!

Looking forward to: The health visitor is coming to the house to introduce herself on Wednesday, so it will be nice to meet her. I had better tidy the house and hide the baby murdering equipment. 


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