6 weeks old.

Today Fenn is 6 weeks and 5 days old.

Time is flying by so quickly! Is seems like only yesterday that she was a tiny newborn, and now she can support her own head and is on the brink of smiling.

At 4 weeks she had gained 2lbs, and at 6 weeks she is just shy of 4lbs total weight gain. We got her weighed last Monday at 5 weeks and 5 days and she was 9lbs 9oz! She is still feeding like a dream and as my flow is so good, she can get a full belly in 6 minutes. Yay, more sleep for me! 

One development is that she has started to be sick a little more. At 4 weeks, I was feeding her at night, changing her and then feeding her again. I have to change her first now, otherwise she will chuck up everything she has just eaten. It is good because I can get her back down to sleep a lot faster at night, but bad because the screams the house down if I don’t catch her early enough! 

On Monday my OH went back to work. He struggled badly, not only with the physical shock of having to get up at 6am and work to set hours without an afternoon nap, but also emotionally as he couldn’t see his little maggot during the day. Fenn and I have taken to walking the 20mins to the station in the evening to meet him so that he can have as much Fenn time as possible.

Things were going well and my OH was settling back into a routine and I was getting used to doing all the night feeds. Then on Wednesday evening he decided to go for a run and on his way home, only 50m from our house, face planted into the pavement. He was sprinting full pace when he went down and he was so tired from the broken nights, he couldn’t protect himself properly.

He came through the front door and I honestly thought he was having a stroke by the sounds he was making. Poor Fenn was ripped off the boob and plonked in her bouncy chair while I ran to take care of him. His hands and face were grazed and bloody, so I sorted some water and cotton wool to clean him up. He then pulled his trouser leg up, and oh my god, his kneecap was fully exposed! The skin and muscle on his knee has come away in a flap and you could see bone and tendons. Luckily I am not squeamish and I managed to calmly say “OK, I think we need to get you to A&E for some stitches.”

It is no longer possible to just jump in the car and whizz to the hospital as we have Fenn, so I had to ask my Mum to come over (she only lives 6 mins away) and we decided that she would drop him at A&E. It would only be a few stitches and a few hours and he would be home, right??

Wrong. He was told he needed to go to the other hospital (the one in which Fenn was born) as it has a 24hr x-ray department and that he would probably need surgery. We all jumped in the car and went to pick my OH up from one hospital and drop him off at the other one, half an hour away. 

It ended with him being in hospital for 2 nights and having 2 hrs of surgery under general anaesthetic to check that there was nothing in the knee joint and that all the tendons were OK. He finally came home on Friday night and has been hobbling around in a brace and on crutches since then. 


It is amazing to have him home, and he will be working from home for at least 2 weeks, which is lovely. Although I do now have a baby, a big baby and the cat to look after. No rest for the wicked…


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