Fenn’s 1st Christmas.

Today is the 29th December 2016 and Fenn just enjoyed her 1st Christmas.

Now I am an athiest, but I do enjoy the wonderful tradition of Christmas. I love the history of celebration, the singing, the coming together and the food, and I love that Fenn will now get to start enjoying our traditions.

As a family, we decided to stop buying each other presents about 5 years ago. We were all well onto adulthood (I was the youngest), we all had everything we wanted and really had no need to run around, wasting money on things that people didn’t want or need, just for the sake of Christmas. Every year, when everyone else seems to be running around, stressed about getting the ‘perfect’ present for Aunty Sue or second cousin Bob, we get to spend time together, decorating our homes and really appreciating each other… Oh and eating! When you stop buying presents, it almost feels like you are a member of a secret society of calm. People look at you like you have 3 eyes when you tell them why you aren’t about to explode with stress and having to remortgage after Christmas… And then they think about it. I would recommend it to anyone.

However, now that we have littles in the family, we are buying them presents. 

We didn’t go crazy for Fenn. We bought her a teething ring. Yep, you read that correctly, a £6 teething ring. It is really lovely, suits our very particular taste and is something she will need in the coming year. There was no need to waste money on stuff she doesn’t need and won’t even realise she has. Other people bought her some beautiful wooden toys, some Lamaze toys and lots of lovely books, teddy bears and a few rompers. My step dad made her an amazing wooden baby gym, and my mum bought her some bells to hang from it. It is beautiful, entertaining for Fenn, comes apart to be stored behind the sofa and looks really lovely.

Fenn asleep under her hand made baby gym. Also pictured is her teething ring (dangling between the pompoms).

It has been a wonderful Christmas, and we have started the following traditions which we hope to continue for years to come:

  • Visiting Father Christmas in his grotto:

I think we can all interpret what Fenn is thinking here.

  • Going carol singing.
  • Leaving drinks and snacks out under the tree for Father Christmas and the reindeer.
  • Buying one special bauble per year to hang on the tree.
  • Reading The Night Before Christmas and The Jolly Christmas Postman on Christmas eve before bed. 
  • Enjoying Christmas lunch with family and friends.

Next year we will do stockings and Father Christmas’ footprints.

I can’t wait until she is as excited about Christmas as I am!


3 months old

Today Fenn is 3 months and 3 days old. 

Where oh where has that time gone?! It seems like only yesterday that we were bringing her home from hospital and introducing her to everyone. Now she is smiling and cooing and a real little character.

The last 3 months have honestly been amazing. Fenn is still such a laid back baby, and she just slots into whatever we are doing with no issues. There have obviously been moments when she is grouchy and overtired, but I can count those times on one hand. 
At the moment she is getting over a mild case of conjunctivitis (pink eye), but that is the first problem she has had. 

Breastfeeding is still going really well… in fact, so well that she refuses a bottle. It looks like I will be breastfeeding until she is weaned…I just hope she doesn’t teethe too soon!

We are still using Little Lambs reusable nappies and Cheeky Wipes and Fenn never has poosplosions or nappy rash. I would recommend this combination to anyone!

I often look back over the photos and videos of Fenn from when she was first born, as I struggle to remember how tiny she was. I made the image below at 12 weeks old, showing how much she had grown. It is the same romper!

Fenn was 6lbs and a few days old in the first picture, and 12lbs and 12 weeks in the second. I don’t remember that romper being so baggy on tiny Fenn!