5 months old

Today Fenn is 5 months old. 
She is the most wonderful, happy baby and is a joy to be around. Currently weighing in at around 14lbs 3oz, she has almost managed to roll over onto her front (She gets onto her side but her pesky arm just gets in the way!), is desperate to start crawling and loves sitting and standing up with support. She also giggles and coos and a-gooooos all the time, and has worked out how to squeal with delight at ear piercing volume.

Her coordination is improving by the day, she can join her hands together, and she is reaching and grabbing things now, including her toes.
In general she sleeps well, although she has stopped sleeping through and is now waking once or twice in the night again. We have just come to the end (I hope!) of another growth spurt, with her waking every 3 hours, being insatiably hungry and exhausted and grumpy during the day (but refusing to nap!) I am almost at newborn level exhaustion again. Zzzzzzz

Breastfeeding is still going well, although it can be painful when she is having a growth spurt and clusterfeeds all the time to increase my production. She still won’t take a bottle, but we are persevering with it and she doesn’t mind chomping on a teat to soothe her gums. I don’t think she would die if I got hit by a bus tomorrow, but it would make life easier if I could be away from her for more than 20mins at a time.
She is starting to be bothered by her gums, and needs to chew something almost constantly. She dribbles a lot too! She also seems to be getting a little stressed whenever she is left with someone other than me or Papa, even when I just pop out of the room for a second.

2 weeks ago we started swimming lessons. She wasn’t too sure the first time, and we had to get out early when she was a little bit sick down herself. Luckily none went in the pool and it wasn’t a megavom! The second time was much more successful and I think she may have actually enjoyed it a little bit. I will keep taking her every week as I want her to be comfortable in the water at a really young age. Yesterday my Mum took her in for her lesson while I went for a proper swim. Fenn was a little bit grumpy as she was exhausted, but she did really well away from me for 25 minutes.

As for me, I have finally been made redundant, which is great as I got a reasonably good pay out, and means there is no pressure to return to work. My baby clothing brand Mint Cake Club is in development and is set to launch in May this year. Lots of exciting things happening!