30 weeks pregnant

Today we are 30 weeks and one day pregnant. I can’t believe that we are 3/4 of the way through already! 30 weeks feels like a great milestone. The cub now has a 95% chance of survival if it makes an early escape.

This week has been unbelievably hot in London. It was 34C in town on Tuesday, and about 28C every other day this week. It might not sound too bad to people living in places used to temperatures like that, but London is simply not used to it. Air conditioning is still a rarity in homes and offices here, and the tube becomes a fetid sweat box. It has been really uncomfortable being pregnant in this heat. I get home and strip down to my sports bra and pants and sit in front of the fan. I do feel really sorry for our cat, Buddy though. I can’t imagine having to wear a black fur coat in this heat. Poor little git. 

I have one more week at work before I go off on annual leave and maternity leave. It feels very odd and too early to be finishing work, but the news at work wasn’t looking good at all last week, so I need to get out ASAP.

How pregnant: 30 weeks. 75% of the way there! 

How feeling: Still feeling good. A little more exhausted when I get home from work, but no swolen feet or fingers. I seem to have got off quite lightly compared to other ladies in this heat.

Any symptoms: Being kicked rather painfully in the bladder, all the time. Not fun!  

Any cravings: Still nothing.

Weight gain: No change from last week, still a stone up from starting weight.

Waist measurement: 35″

Bump measurement: 38″

Maternity clothes: Nothing new. I have been struggling to find cool things to wear in this heat. The dress in the photo above isn’t a maternity dress, but it miraculously still fits!

Belly button: It is now officially an outie. It is weird! 

Looking forward to: Finishing work. Wooooo!