4 weeks old.

Today Fenn is 4 weeks and 1 day old.

She is a dream. Possibly the most laid back, relaxed baby in history. We couldn’t have asked for an easier introduction to parenthood.

She has grown so much in 4 weeks, it is scary. She was 6lbs at birth and is now roughly 8lbs! She had recovered her birth weight within 3 days and is now packing on the podge like a trooper. 

She is mostly storing the podge in her cheeks and double chin!

Her head has grown massively. You can see in the photos above how her hairline has moved back with the growth. I just measured her head and it is 2cm bigger than it was at birth. 

The scary thing is, she could still be inside now. I would be 12 days overdue, and most likely would have been induced this morning. I struggled to get a 6lb baby out… An 8lb baby with a 37cm head circumference would have resulted in a C section, I am sure.

*(I know that she wouldn’t have grown at quite the same rate as an escaped booby monster, but an eye watering thought just the same.)

A booby monster she certainly is. She feeds all the time and has gained the nickname ‘the human bilge pump’ in my house as she gulps and guzzles like she has never been fed before. A greedy little pig beast indeed! 

The night feeds are a mixed bag at the moment, although she is starting to settle for slightly longer. Usually we will feed and change her and get her down at about 10.30pm. On a good night she will wake up at about 1am and will be back down again after a feed, a nappy change and another top up feed at 2am ish. She will then wake again at 3.45ish and again at about 7.30am. A tough cluster feeding night will see me being woken approx 30mins after putting her back down, every time, all through the night. Zzzzzz…

As I am exclusively breast feeding, I have to wake to feed her every time, and If I am feeling lively, I will do all of the night feeds and nappy changes, allowing my OH to sleep through. However, most nights I find that I struggle to stay awake as she feeds and I really can’t risk falling asleep with her on me in bed, so once she has fed, I pass her to my OH after the 3am feed, to change her, settle her and put her back down whilst I go back to sleep. 

My OH goes back to work in a week and a half, so I am going to have to do all the night feeds so that he can function during the day. Nooooo! 

As for me, my stitches have finally stopped hurting and feel like they are healing nicely. I have very nearly stopped bleeding and I am feeling really well. I was back to my pre pregnancy weight within two and a half weeks, and I can’t wait until I can start exercising again after my 6 week check up!