36 Weeks Pregnant

Today we are 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

All has been quiet on the pregger front this week. No appointments or weird rashes. I did finish packing my hospital bag this week though, so everything is now ready for the go, go, go! We just need to get to 37 weeks and we can have the baby at the low risk birth centre and I can hopefully get my waterbirth.

We received two wonderful parcels all the way from NZ (my OH is a kiwi) this week.one was from my lovely Mother in Law, who sent us a beautiful sheepskin in shades of cream and brown, some really cool baby clothes and a book about Piwi, the lonely kiwi. The other parcel was from my Sister in Law. She is an unbelievably  knitter and had sent us a box of beautiful things. An amazing cable knit blanket, a tiny jumper, a hat, a pair of gloves for me and possibly the cutest bootees the world has ever seen! We also got a tiny All Blacks onesie and a Slinky Malinky book.

We had our ‘non’ baby shower yesterday!

I call it the ‘non’ baby shower as I hate the idea of traditional baby showers with the baby pink and blue, the hideous games and the gifts. Eugh. We decided to just get everyone over for a BBQ and have great food and drink. A last get together before the baby comes.

It was a great day (although exhausting) and we managed not to kill anyone with our food. Result! 

This morning the clean up bagan and I will need a nap in a bit!

How pregnant: 36 weeks.

How feeling: Still struggling to get comfy at night and so I’m still sleeping on the floor. The cat certainly enjoys having an extra sleeping spot. 

Any symptoms: The cub has taken to sticking its big bottom out on the right hand side of my belly first thing in the morning. It is quite painful and I have to almost push it back into the middle. Naughty nugget.

Any cravings: Carbs and sugar. 

Weight gain: Up 1 stone 7lbs from start weight.

Waist measurement: 36.5″.

Bump measurement: 40.5″.

Belly button: Outie. Still no stretchmarks at the moment. 

Looking forward to: A quiet week this week. Midwife appointment on Wednesday.