28 weeks pregnant.

Today we are 28 weeks and 1 day pregnant. We are now officially in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Eeeeeek!

This week has been quite a quiet week again in terms of pregger stuff. I went for my 28 week blood test on Friday afternoon which will recheck my bloodgroup, rhesus factor, iron levels and glucose levels. These results should hopefully be back in time for my appointment with the midwife next Wednesday. 

In other news, I have been looking into launching my own brand of baby clothes, made with fabrics printed with my own designs. I have found two possible printers to produce my fabric and whenever I have a spare minute I am print designing and pattern cutting. My first sample garment was a cute pair of baby leggings which are fully lined and have roll back cuffs. I will have to wait until I have a model for these before I can start working on the fit, but that should happen around the end of September, early October. 🙂 

Right, i’m off on the treadmill for 20 mins. 

How pregnant: 28 weeks. Third trimester, wooo!

How feeling: I feel like the glow may have passed now. I am feeling tired a lot of the time again and things like putting on socks and getting out of the bath are starting to get more taxing.

Any symptoms: I am still getting a few mornings of vomiting each week. On Thursday morning I had a return of the bile pukes, which exhausted me. Oh, and the wind! My God! I blame the cub. #sorrynotsorry

Any cravings: Mint water again.

Weight gain: I have finally hit the stone. It is suggested that for my pre pregger BMI of 20.1, I should gain between 25 and 35lbs, so hopefully I will be in this region by 40 weeks.

Waist measurement: 33″

Bump measurement: 36.5″

Maternity clothes: Nothing new.

Belly button: Borderline outie…

Looking forward to: A week off work this week! I am going to get things organised. I will pack a basic hospital bag and start washing the nappies and baby clothes and bedding. I also hope to do pregnancy yoga on Tuesday evening which I usually can’t get home in time for, and maybe some aqua fit. 


24 Weeks Pregnant


            Excuse the bunny slippers…

Today we are 24 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I had a secret little celebration in my head yesterday as I passed the 24 week ‘viability’ milestone. In the UK, unless the hospital has a specialist premature baby unity, it will not try to nurture a baby born before 24 weeks, because the chances are so slim. At least now, I know that if the unthinkable should happen and I go into labour, the doctors and nurses will do everything they can to keep our cub alive.

This thought became all to real yesterday when a lady on my October birth month forum on Baby Centre had her baby at exactly 24 weeks. He is in the special care baby unit, but doing well considering he is only half baked!

Here’s hoping our cub stays put until at least 38 weeks.

We ordered our pram this morning too, which along with the cot, is making this whole baby thing feel very real! My Mum and Step Dad have very generously offered to pay, and we are having it delivered to their house too. That should keep my Nan happy, who is a stickler for old wives tales and superstition.

We decided to go for an Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 as it is a complete travel system, it is great value and gets really good reviews. It looks good too! I will do more of a review once it arrives.

How pregnant: 24 weeks.

How feeling: Feeling good, but still getting cramps in my abs.

Any symptoms: The NVP put in a cameo appearance one morning this week, which was fun.

Any cravings: Fresh fruit and mint water.

Weight gain: Up 12bs from starting weight.

Waist measurement: 33″

Bump measurement: 37.5″.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new.

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: 25 week midwife appt on Wednesday. Time to see if this cub is still on track size wise.

It’s Foetus Friday!!

Today I am 10 weeks pregnant, and at a stage where everyone seems to agree that our tiny embryo has become a tiny foetus. I feel like wearing a party hat to celebrate!

Some midwifery agencies state that this occurs at about 9 weeks, and some at 10. There does seem to be a lot of confusion within the medical world about a) exactly when the embryo becomes a foetus and b) how long the 1st trimester is. I have heard that it is 12 weeks and 13 weeks.

Yesterday I had my booking in appointment with the midwife, which lasted an hour and a half and was very indepth. I am now officially in the system and recorded as being preggers.

It all seemed to go well, with most of my blood tests coming back within normal range, but apparently they hadn’t been able to test my blood type and rhesus type because the tube wasn’t correctly labelled. This was no major problem; all I had to do was give a bit more blood for a retest. That is where the fun began…

I have tiny, rubbish veins apparently, but the student midwife located what she thought was a vein and went in for the kill. No, it was a tendon. Oouuuucccchhh! The midwife then took over and had a go in each arm, before giving up and checking the back of my hands. No luck there either. They had to admit defeat and send me to the lab to let the ‘Phleboes’ have a go.

Luckily I only had to wait for 2 minutes to be called in to see a lovely German lady in a very vintage looking uniform. She found a vein straight away and I was out again in minutes. I did wonder though, whether people set out to become a phlebotomist, or it is something you fall into when you find out you are very good at getting blood out of people at nursing college?

Right, I am off to Brighton with my Mum today to give her an early Mother’s day treat. I have booked to have afternoon tea in the hotel in which my husband and I held our wedding breakfast 5 years ago, on another beautiful sunny day by the sea. We may also look in some baby shops.

A final thought. Did the same scientist who discovered the rhesus positive and negative proteins on red blood cells also discover the and name the Rhesus macaque? Whenever anyone mentions rhesus, all I see are dancing monkeys…