24 Weeks Pregnant


            Excuse the bunny slippers…

Today we are 24 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I had a secret little celebration in my head yesterday as I passed the 24 week ‘viability’ milestone. In the UK, unless the hospital has a specialist premature baby unity, it will not try to nurture a baby born before 24 weeks, because the chances are so slim. At least now, I know that if the unthinkable should happen and I go into labour, the doctors and nurses will do everything they can to keep our cub alive.

This thought became all to real yesterday when a lady on my October birth month forum on Baby Centre had her baby at exactly 24 weeks. He is in the special care baby unit, but doing well considering he is only half baked!

Here’s hoping our cub stays put until at least 38 weeks.

We ordered our pram this morning too, which along with the cot, is making this whole baby thing feel very real! My Mum and Step Dad have very generously offered to pay, and we are having it delivered to their house too. That should keep my Nan happy, who is a stickler for old wives tales and superstition.

We decided to go for an Ickle Bubba Stomp V3 as it is a complete travel system, it is great value and gets really good reviews. It looks good too! I will do more of a review once it arrives.

How pregnant: 24 weeks.

How feeling: Feeling good, but still getting cramps in my abs.

Any symptoms: The NVP put in a cameo appearance one morning this week, which was fun.

Any cravings: Fresh fruit and mint water.

Weight gain: Up 12bs from starting weight.

Waist measurement: 33″

Bump measurement: 37.5″.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new.

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: 25 week midwife appt on Wednesday. Time to see if this cub is still on track size wise.