Fenn – 1 year old!

Fenn’s is now 1 year old. Forgive me as I sob quietly… where did our tiny baby go?! To be honest she has always been adorable, but she is such good company now; I love every stage as she develops. 
Physical: Fenn mastered crawling at about 9 months and has been building up her strength and confidence since then. She has always enjoyed standing (with help) since she was a few months old, but she is now starting to go solo. She can manage about 20 seconds on her own, as long as she is distracted. As soon as she realises what she is doing she freaks out and sits down. She is walking really confidently with just one hand being held now, and this morning she took her first steps!! See below..

Her face seems to change every day. She looks so much like her Papa, and her face is starting to lose it’s baby roundness and get a little longer. She still has huge eyes though, and they are currently a khaki green/brown colour. Papa thinks she will have brown eyes and brown hair like him! 

Mental: She is so quick to learn! She knows the meaning of so many words and points to the objects when asked. She knows Mama, Papa, Mimi, Budson (the cat) apple, aeroplane, spider, kettle and tick tock clock. She claps along to ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ and knows exactly when to turn the page in all her books and can point out a picture of an apple when asked. Her favorite book at the moment is her Kiwi Old MacDonald board book. 

Verbal: “mamamamamaaa” all the time. She went through a phase of saying “Papa” and I’m sure she said “book”and “ballball”. The rest of the time is just cute babbling, squealing with delight and giggling. 😁

Teeth: Fenn finally got her first tooth through last week. Not bad going really! She loves having Steve (the tooth) brushed and demands it every time she sees her toothbrush. (Points and says ‘oooooffff, oooooff!’)

Food: She has reached the end of being spoon fed now, and demands to feed herself at every meal. She usually has a small pile of branflakes in milk with blueberries for breakfast, followed by a piece of my bagel with peanut butter on. A 10am snack of 2 baby puff crisps, a couple of apple slices and some raisins. Lunch is now a small sandwich or some kind of bubble and squeak fritters, followed by a biscotti. Afternoon snack is a rusk and some orange pieces and dinner now tends to be whatever we are having, cut up into small pieces. Gone are the purees and the spoon! 

She is also still being fed by me, with a feed first thing (6am), once at 1st nap (8.30am) maybe once at (3-4pm ish) if she wants it and then before bath time at 6.30pm. She also still wakes in the night for a feed/snuggle and although I would love to sleep through, I have no plans to night wean her just yet. I plan to carry on feeding her for at least another 6 months, or until she decided to stop. The feeds are gradually reducing, so it will happen when she is ready.

Sleep: Hmm, Fenny still isn’t a sleeper. After our cry it out attempt she now goes down to sleep at night without any fuss, which is great as we now get a few hours to ourselves. She goes down at 7pm and on a good night will sleep until 6am with only one wake up. A usual night has 2 wake ups (11ish and 3ish) and a bad night… You can imagine. Naps are still only 30 mins long on average, twice a day. 

  • Weight: 20lbs approx.
  • Height: Tall enough to cause trouble and reach everything she isn’t supposed to touch.
  • Teeth: One little stump and two erupting.
  • Loves: Blueberries, waving at planes, waving at anything else, Budson, raisins, eating in general, climbing stairs and crawling off half way through a nappy change.
  • Hates: Sleep, strawberries, tomato and being told ‘No’. 

8 months old!

Today our little Fenn is 8 months old.

It is really scary. It seems like only 8 weeks ago that she was suction pulled into our lives, not 8 months.

She is really losing her baby looks now and is looking more like a little toddler. Her hair has grown massively in the last few weeks and she is so strong! She can twist and writhe like a conga eel in your arms and if you dare to eat or drink anything within her reach, she will grab and yank, including hot tea! Luckily we have been scald free so far. She also loves pulling hair, especially mine.

Developmentally, she is sitting up like a boss, and rolling around really confidently. She first rolled back to front about 8 weeks ago but didn’t bother doing it again until 10 days ago. She can now get herself down to crawling position from sitting (not gracefully, but no longer a fall) and knows that she wants to move… but luckily can’t yet! She is still really strong when we stand her up and can support herself when holding on to something. Mentally you can see her mind whirring all the time, when taking things out of or putting things into her little yellow bucket, or watching your mouth as you make certain phonics. She is weighing in at around 18lbs or 8.2kgs.

No viable words yet, but a real increase in ‘vocabulary’. She did say “haggis” last week, but I think that was a lucky combination of sounds more than her first word!

She still has no toothy pegs, but very hard gums and the usual teething issues.

Weaning is going really well. She eats pretty much everything with gusto, except rice and spicy things. She will give anything a go and loves feeding herself and making a mess. She still breastfeeds in the morning, evening and overnight, but often goes to Mimi’s (nanny’s) house during the day and copes easily without me!

Sleeping is still a challenge. She gets into a routine of going down at 8pm, waking at 11 and 3 and up at 6ish. Then when you get used to that she starts teething, gets ill or we go away and it goes back to 7+ wake ups a night. It is exhausting. We are looking into hiring a sleep coach.

One improvement is that she now naps in her cot during the day. She only ever sleeps for exactly 30 mins, but it frees me up a tiny bit!

I have already ordered her 1st birthday cake and we are starting to think about a little party. Sob…

6 months old!

Today Fenn is 6 months old! I can’t believe that our tiny baby is already half a year old and growing up so quickly!
Fenn is growing very nicely, and is now 15lbs 8oz. She is following her growth chart line exactly and is sitting firmly at the 30th centile. Everyone says that she is much smaller in real life than in photos, and I love her being my dinkysaurus. 

Fenn has mastered rolling from front to back, but is showing zero interest in rolling back to front. She will happily play on her tummy for about 10 minutes now before getting bored, and with her nappy off, can sit up on her own for a good few seconds! 

Fenn loves ‘botty out time’! I think that her cloth nappies provide so much padding, she rolls over too easily when sitting up.

She now has very good hand to mouth co-ordination, and can put a teaspoon in successfully (empty at this stage) and remove (and lick) Papa’s glasses. She grabs and drags things towards her and can grasp some quite delicate things. She has always been a keen watcher… just taking everything in, but now she really loves watching! She sat and watched my OH do his shirt ironing for about half an hour yesterday. Oh, and she loves watching our cat skulk around…watch out Budson, you are next for the grabby grab!

Verbally, she is expanding her repertoire, with ‘brrrr’ and ‘mmmm’ sounds her current favorites. She loves to sing to herself, and giggles all the time.

We have been going swimming on Tuesdays for about 6 weeks now and she is starting to relax more and more. My mum now takes her in (while I go proper swimming) and it is good to see her relaxed whilst away from me for 20 mins. She is happily reaching out for floating objects now, and absloutely loves being sprinkled over the head with a small plastic watering can. Plus she enjoys drinking the pool water whenever she gets a chance. Any liquid with a decent urine content is her favorite. Pool water and bath water are delicious, but a tiny bit of fresh water from a sippy cup might as well be lemon juice, with the face she pulls!

Yesterday we gave Fenn her first solid food! We started with a tiny bit of mushed down banana, and a tiny bit of carrot from our casserole. I can’t say that she was overly impressed, but we will continue the fun tomorow! 

Cardboard was her first solid food…

Right, it is 4.57am and time to go back to bed!

3 months old

Today Fenn is 3 months and 3 days old. 

Where oh where has that time gone?! It seems like only yesterday that we were bringing her home from hospital and introducing her to everyone. Now she is smiling and cooing and a real little character.

The last 3 months have honestly been amazing. Fenn is still such a laid back baby, and she just slots into whatever we are doing with no issues. There have obviously been moments when she is grouchy and overtired, but I can count those times on one hand. 
At the moment she is getting over a mild case of conjunctivitis (pink eye), but that is the first problem she has had. 

Breastfeeding is still going really well… in fact, so well that she refuses a bottle. It looks like I will be breastfeeding until she is weaned…I just hope she doesn’t teethe too soon!

We are still using Little Lambs reusable nappies and Cheeky Wipes and Fenn never has poosplosions or nappy rash. I would recommend this combination to anyone!

I often look back over the photos and videos of Fenn from when she was first born, as I struggle to remember how tiny she was. I made the image below at 12 weeks old, showing how much she had grown. It is the same romper!

Fenn was 6lbs and a few days old in the first picture, and 12lbs and 12 weeks in the second. I don’t remember that romper being so baggy on tiny Fenn!

37 weeks pregnant

Looking warm and shiny as I had just got out of the bath.

Today we are 37 weeks and one day pregnant. 

A quiet week in preggerland this week. I was absolutely knackered after the baby shower last week and it took me until Wednesday to feel back to normal again. A few days of watching films and crappy telly in bed was just what I needed!

On Wednesday I had my 36 week check with the midwife, and all is on track. The bump is growing to the chart and my BP and the baby’s heartbeat are fine. Next check up will be at 38 weeks.

In exciting news, the first two of our NCT group babies have arrived! The first came 3 days after her due date and the other came this morning, 16 days early! Eeeek! It is getting very real now! 

How pregnant: 37 weeks.

How feeling: Having a few mild cramps and quite a bit of back ache. I think that the baby has engaged further and so the pressure has increased. I’m having a lot of hot baths!

Any signs of labour? Not sure. The cramps and back ache could be a sign, or it could be wind! 🙂 UPDATE- they were early labour!

Any cravings: Ice water… And crunching the ice cubes is good!

Weight gain: Up 1 stone 8lbs from start weight. 10 stone exactly… Eeeek! Fatty boom boom. 

Waist measurement: 36.5″.

Bump measurement: 42″. 1.5 up on last week! 

Belly button: Outie. Still very lucky on the stretchmark front!

Looking forward to: The health visitor is coming to the house to introduce herself on Wednesday, so it will be nice to meet her. I had better tidy the house and hide the baby murdering equipment. 

35 Weeks Pregnant

Today we are 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

In my last post, I wrote about a rash that appeared on my belly. A few hours after posting that, the rash got considerably worse, so I decided to call NHS direct to see what they thought. They went through their list of questions… ‘Does it cover your entire bump? Does it look like you have been scalded? Does it itch?’ Having answered yes to all of the above, the lady said that I needed to be seen within the next 6 hours and that I would get a call back within an hour. This was at 9pm and I received a call back within 15 minutes with an appointment at 10.15pm at the local out of hours hospital centre. We arrived at 10pm and got seen straight away. The doctor checked my BP and urine and did a visual check of the rash, and he wasn’t overly concerned. He said to just keep an eye on it and if it was still there 24hrs later to get a blood test done. We were home and in bed by 10.30pm. What a wonderful service the NHS is! 

Luckily the rash eased off overnight and has now gone completely. Hopefully it was just a heat related thing, but I am glad we got it checked out.

Over the last few weeks I have been finalising my birth preferences. Our NCT teacher recommended that we print it 3 times (one for the maternity notes, one for my OH to carry and a spare for the hospital bag) on bright coloured paper so that it won’t be ignored. It reads as follows:

  • OH to be my birth partner.
  • Dim lighting.
  • Active labour – please allow me to move around and change position as desired.
  • Labour to be as natural as possible. Breathing, massage and visualisation to be used.
  • Internal examinations to be performed only when necessary – minimal time on my back.
  • Monitoring of baby only when necessary. 
  • Minimal intervention.
  • Student midwife OK.
  • Allow maximum time for the perineum to expand.
  • Support the perineum during crowning with a warm compress if out of water.
  • Avoid episiotomy if possible – allow natural stretching and tearing preferable.
  • Delayed cord clamping.
  • Skin to skin contact straight after birth.
  • Natural 3rd stage if possible.
  • Breastfeeding to occur as soon as possible after birth.
  • Vitamin K injection for the baby.


  • Lower the screen to allow us to see our baby being born.
  • OH to cut the cord.
  • OH to announce the gender.
  • Skin to skin as soon as possible after birth.

We are under no illusions that things will go to completely to plan as things change all the time. However, if we don’t write down our preferences, we might not get any of them. 

How pregnant: 35 weeks.

How feeling: Struggling to sleep as my hips are hurning at night. I am sleeping on the floor on the sofa cushions now as they are much softer. The midwife said that the head is now engaged so that might be putting pressure on my pelvis. 

Any symptoms: The cub’s movements are getting so big they are almost painful now. I feel like my belly is at capacity! 

Any cravings: Still everything terrible for me.

Weight gain: Up 1 stone 6lbs from start weight.

Waist measurement: 36.5″.

Bump measurement: 40″.

Belly button: Outie. Still no stretchmarks…

Looking forward to: The BBQ this weekend. It will be fantastic to have everyone we love in the same place at the same time! 

34 weeks pregnant

Today we are 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant. 

On Monday my Mum and I drove down to Devon to spend a few days in the countryside with my Nan. On a good day, the drive should be about 4.5hours. It was a boiling hot day and just when we felt like we were getting somewhere, the A303 was closed due to a fatal crash. We ended up sitting on the side of the road in the shade, unable to move for 2 hours. That delay, combined with both of us only being able to drive for 30mins to an hour at a time (mum’s new knee and my achey ribs) resulted in the journey taking over 8 hours. Errrgh.

However, once we got there, it was lovely to spend time with my Nan. We went to the beach at Westward Ho! (yes, a real place, exclamation mark included) and paddled in the sea, found a brilliant country pub with a secure childs play area (in the brain bank for future reference) and went to a spa for the day. It was lovely to relax in the pool and have a pedicure. I haven’t been able to reach my feet properly for a while.

On Sunday we had our 3rd and final NCT class. We covered Caesarean sections, looked and inductions, postnatal depression and how to care for the cubs when they arrive. Apparently we now know everything we need to know about labour and keeping a cub alive. Eeeeeek! 

In the last few days I have noticed a rash starting to develop on my bump, chest and arms. See photo of my bump below:

From what I can tell, it is called PUPPPs (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy.) Sounds delightful doesn’t it. About 1 in 160 preggers get it, usually in the 3rd trimester, and although they don’t know why it appears, they know it is harmless to both mother and baby. One interesting stat though: 70% of PUPPPs ladies are carrying boys…

I have an appointment with my midwife on Wednesday, so I will get her to check it, but hopefully that is what it is. 

How pregnant: 34 weeks.

How feeling: The rib ache is always there. My back is starting to ache and I wake up every time I heave my corpse over in bed. Feeling tired.

Any symptoms: The cub still has hiccups, maybe slightly less often than last week. 

Any cravings: Anything naughty and highly calorific still. 

Weight gain: Up 1 stone 5lbs from start weight. Creeping close to the 10stone mark. Eeeek! 

Waist measurement: 35.5″. No change.

Bump measurement: 39.5″. No change.

Belly button: Outie. Still no stretchmarks, but this rash is making my belly skin feel hot and tight. 

Looking forward to: Our not really baby shower BBQ on the 3rd September. I am busy making decorations and planning food. We also need to buy a BBQ!