12 week scan

This morning we went for our dating scan at the hospital. I didn’t realise how worried I was until we were sitting in the waiting room… What if there isn’t anything in there? What if it doesn’t have a head? What if it is ectopic? WHAT IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE??

Luckily, my mind was put to rest almost immediately, when we saw the singular, little wriggly bean in all its glory!


Fully formed and jiggling all over the place, the sonographer chased it around for a while until it behaved itself. It is measuring only 1 day behind, which is great as I thought I would be about 4 days behind. The nuchal mmt was also a nice low 1.6mm, so hopefully the blood tests will come back low risk. We will get a call by wednesday if we are classed as high risk, so hopefully the phone wont ring!

I finally feel confident to start telling people now. We are off to my dad’s tomorrow and plan to give them a few beers that we ‘picked up’ and thought they probably haven’t tried before.


They live in Yorkshire, so if you don’t speaky the yarkshur, the blue one translates as ‘Grandpop’s beautiful Autumn baby’, and the pink: ‘Little grandbaby on the way’.

I hope they like them!