Obviously I tested about 20 times when we found out we were pregnant. I didn’t believe it and it took a good while to sink in. It was the ClearBlue digital test which actually convinced us though, with a confirmation in writing.

However, since then I have had a weird paranoia that there isn’t actually anything in there and it has all been a big mistake. The doctor didn’t test me and I am 99.9% sure that the midwife didn’t either. I saw her do a test on my urine, but that was a protein test. I kept thinking ‘how far through the system can you get before they work out you aren’t actually pregnant and you are just a bonkers timewaster?’.

I suppose the answer would be the 12 week scan, but that is insane! My husband is convinced that someone must have tested at least one of my fluids, but I am not sure. Perhaps they tested some of the blood I gave?

Anyway, my paranoia got the better of me this evening and I decided to use my last strip test, just to put my mind at rest. Well, the test line turned a dark, blood red even before my pee had reached the control line.

I am very pregnant.


Pregnant 2-3


So I weed, I dipped, we waited and we had confirmed what we already knew… no matter how much we were both denying it. BIG FAT POSITIVE.

The test displays the estimated time since ovulation, so because pregnancy is calculated from the 1st day of your last lady business, we are actually about 5 weeks pregnant.

I think is time to start documenting this stuff, because chances are I will never look like this again (insert excited but mildly terrified emoticon here). We are going out for dinner with my Mum and Stepdad tonight, so we will take a photo before we leave. The 1st of many I hope!



Oh god, oh god, oh god…


I have felt a little weird for about a week and a half now, so I did my first test last Wednesday 20th Jan and got what I thought was a negative. ‘Phew… at least I can go out without worrying!’ I thought. However, two days later I still felt weird with huge boobs, so I did another test and I got the faintest of faint pink lines. Eeeeeeeeek!! When I checked back at my first test, I could see a really faint line there too.

Tests each of the following two mornings continued to show the faint pink line, perhaps getting slightly stronger, so I decided to wait another two days before trying again. By this point it was pretty obvious, but I just couldn’t believe it. As you can see in the image above, the line just kept getting darker every two days when I tested, so the Other Half and I decided that if it was really strong this morning, we would get a proper digital test. We are both such realists; we need to see it in writing from someone with authority before we fully believe it is true.

Bring on the Clear Blue test tomorrow morning…