12 weeks pregnant


Today I am 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Appologies for not updating earlier, but it has been a busy week, buzzing around the country telling my family!

We drove up to my Dad and Stepmother’s house in Yorkshire early on Saturday morning, and presented them with their beer bottles as soon as we arrived. They unwrapped them and said “thank you, we haven’t tried these ones”. When prompted to look again, my dad read through the label, but it still didn’t click. It took my husband holding up the scan photo for them to understand! To be fair though, as my dad said, British craft ales do have such bizarre names that Grandpop’s bonny backend bubblet could easily be genuine.

Anywhoo, they were delighted, as were my Little nanny and uncle when they came for afternoon tea.


We drove home on Sunday and as soon as we got home we told my Big Nan via skype and she was suitably delighted. She even told me that she thought I had put on weight on when she last saw me at Christmas. Thanks Nan, I wasn’t pregnant at Christmas! Charming 🙂

I told my boss and CEO on Wednesday when I got back to work, and they were very happy. I think that maybe they haven’t realised that I will be out of the. business for a whole year…

I want to keep the news from the rest of my colleagues for a bit longer, mainly so that I can still have decent conversations with them about things like current affairs and the Brexit, before every conversation turns to baby goo.

My brother was told when we all went out for a family dinner on Thursday night. I think he was suitably gleeful, in his ‘special’ way. He messaged his wife, and they were both surprised that we had actually decided to get pregnant, and that we had beaten them to it. I always achieve things before my big brother: university degrees, careers, marriage, house purchaces, pregnancy. What can I say: I am clearly the superior human specimen.

How pregnant: 12 weeks

How feeling: Bright eyed and bushy tailed. The exhaustion has evaporated and I seem to have stopped retching. Touch wood.

Any symptoms: Nothing. Feeling great!

Any cravings: Nope. Just all the food. In my mouth. All the time.

Weight gain: About 3lbs. I am feeling enormous, but I have started jogging at an incline again to try and manage the podge.

Waist measurement: 28″

Maternity clothes: Nope, although I am keeping my eyes peeled.

Who knows: Almost everyone, although I want to keep it off Facebook.

Looking forward to: Reaching the 2nd trimester on Saturday at 13 weeks!