34 weeks pregnant

Today we are 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant. 

On Monday my Mum and I drove down to Devon to spend a few days in the countryside with my Nan. On a good day, the drive should be about 4.5hours. It was a boiling hot day and just when we felt like we were getting somewhere, the A303 was closed due to a fatal crash. We ended up sitting on the side of the road in the shade, unable to move for 2 hours. That delay, combined with both of us only being able to drive for 30mins to an hour at a time (mum’s new knee and my achey ribs) resulted in the journey taking over 8 hours. Errrgh.

However, once we got there, it was lovely to spend time with my Nan. We went to the beach at Westward Ho! (yes, a real place, exclamation mark included) and paddled in the sea, found a brilliant country pub with a secure childs play area (in the brain bank for future reference) and went to a spa for the day. It was lovely to relax in the pool and have a pedicure. I haven’t been able to reach my feet properly for a while.

On Sunday we had our 3rd and final NCT class. We covered Caesarean sections, looked and inductions, postnatal depression and how to care for the cubs when they arrive. Apparently we now know everything we need to know about labour and keeping a cub alive. Eeeeeek! 

In the last few days I have noticed a rash starting to develop on my bump, chest and arms. See photo of my bump below:

From what I can tell, it is called PUPPPs (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy.) Sounds delightful doesn’t it. About 1 in 160 preggers get it, usually in the 3rd trimester, and although they don’t know why it appears, they know it is harmless to both mother and baby. One interesting stat though: 70% of PUPPPs ladies are carrying boys…

I have an appointment with my midwife on Wednesday, so I will get her to check it, but hopefully that is what it is. 

How pregnant: 34 weeks.

How feeling: The rib ache is always there. My back is starting to ache and I wake up every time I heave my corpse over in bed. Feeling tired.

Any symptoms: The cub still has hiccups, maybe slightly less often than last week. 

Any cravings: Anything naughty and highly calorific still. 

Weight gain: Up 1 stone 5lbs from start weight. Creeping close to the 10stone mark. Eeeek! 

Waist measurement: 35.5″. No change.

Bump measurement: 39.5″. No change.

Belly button: Outie. Still no stretchmarks, but this rash is making my belly skin feel hot and tight. 

Looking forward to: Our not really baby shower BBQ on the 3rd September. I am busy making decorations and planning food. We also need to buy a BBQ!