20 weeks pregnant


Today we are 20 weeks pregnant exactly. I cannot believe that we are half way through the pregnancy already! The first 12 weeks seemed to drag, but the last 8 weeks have whizzed past in a haze of vomit!

About an hour after I wrote the 19 week post last week, I thought I was going into renal failure. I was in absolute agony again, with what felt like my right kidney exploding. I was home alone so I phoned my Mum (who lucky only lives 10 mins away) to let her know that I might pass out and to maybe check on me in a bit. She rushed straight over to take me to the local A&E walk in centre, and we spent 2 hours on the hottest day of the year so far, sitting in the hospital waiting room. Eventually I saw a doctor who tested my urine sample and said that I still had a urinary tract infection, but that the pain was just muscular. He prescribed another, more specific round of antibiotics and told me to take paracetamol for the pain. Yeah, I thought. As if paracetamol is going to make a dent.

Anyway, I am having to wake up at half midnight every night to take a tablet, which sucks. The back spasms are continuing, but easing off. I read somewhere that breaststroke is one of the worst things you can do if you are having pregnancy back pain. Ooops, no more swimming for me then, or front crawl all the way.

On a happier note, yesterday we went for our 20 week anomaly scan at the hospital. I think that we were both a little nervous, but we need not have been. The baby was really active, but in a way that made the sonographer’s job easy, and all of the measurements were right on track. The baby has every organ and bone that it should, and the placenta is at the back and really far from the cervix, which is great news.


The scan could not have gone any better, and the cub has been wriggling and jiggling away happily. I felt the first kick on Monday, and now I feel it all the time.

We now feel confident enough to buy all of the big bits and bobs and get properly organised.

How pregnant: 20 weeks or half way!

How feeling: Really good, with the exception of the back spasms.

Any symptoms: Tiny punches and kicks from the inside.

Any cravings: Nothing in particular. I could happily eat chips with every meal if I could, though.

Weight gain: 8lbs up from starting weight. This puts me slap-bang in the middle of the weight gain chart, so that is good.

Waist measurement: 31″

Bump measurement: 37.5″

Maternity clothes: A few new pieces from ASOS.

Who knows: Everyone.

Looking forward to: Ordering our Finnish Baby Box!


12 week scan

This morning we went for our dating scan at the hospital. I didn’t realise how worried I was until we were sitting in the waiting room… What if there isn’t anything in there? What if it doesn’t have a head? What if it is ectopic? WHAT IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE??

Luckily, my mind was put to rest almost immediately, when we saw the singular, little wriggly bean in all its glory!


Fully formed and jiggling all over the place, the sonographer chased it around for a while until it behaved itself. It is measuring only 1 day behind, which is great as I thought I would be about 4 days behind. The nuchal mmt was also a nice low 1.6mm, so hopefully the blood tests will come back low risk. We will get a call by wednesday if we are classed as high risk, so hopefully the phone wont ring!

I finally feel confident to start telling people now. We are off to my dad’s tomorrow and plan to give them a few beers that we ‘picked up’ and thought they probably haven’t tried before.


They live in Yorkshire, so if you don’t speaky the yarkshur, the blue one translates as ‘Grandpop’s beautiful Autumn baby’, and the pink: ‘Little grandbaby on the way’.

I hope they like them!

Our 1st scan is booked!

Today I arrived home from work to find a letter. It is exciting enough to receive any form of post, let alone one from the NHS!

I tore it open and found a letter from our local healthcare trust, informing me that I have my US Obstetric nuchal dating scan on Friday 18th March. That is bang on 12 weeks… or so I think.

I can’t wait until the scan date. I am hoping that seeing the cub will finally make it seem real.

On another note, I have been hiccuping so much over the last few days! I didn’t link it to the cub, until I read that it is quite a common occurance in early pregnancy. I just hope it goes away soon as I sound like a drunkard on the train!